Kennel Polongain
Marita Tuominen & Leena Salo
Kirkk'ojantie 92
21530 Paimio
Tel: +358 (0)2 470 3396

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Kennel Polongain is the oldest still active borzoi kennel in Finland. Marita Tuominen and her husband Harri started breeding in 1972, when first Polongain-A-litter was born. When Harri unexpectedly passed away in 1989 Marita carried on breeding borzois. Their daughter Leena Salo share the kennelname with Marita Tuominen and she has bred 12 whippet-litters under Polongain kennelname.

Marita Tuominen
surrounded by (left) P.Pertsinka (back)
P.Romanoff and Zchatsaj's Efim,
(in front) Timirinja's Birik Czarinjin, (right) P.Serenada

Harri Tuominen
handling Polongain Krim
BOS Finnish Speciality 1988

Leena Salo
with Polongain Carinjin
in Summer 1997

Marita and Harri Tuominen (with some friends) founded the Finnish Borzoi Club in 1976. Nowadays Marita is honoured with lifelasting honour membership in the Club. Over 30 years Marita has also been an oval track judge and for her, borzoi is a working dog. From the very beginning Marita and Harri decided, that they never start to breed borzoi just for show rings. That decision Marita still holds on!

During these (in Decmber 2008) 36 years, 36 Polongain borzoilitters have seen the daylight.
Last litter, Polongain New N-litter was born on April 8th 2008.

Over the years kennel Polongain has bred 52 Champions and 8 of them have been owned by Marita Tuominen.
There are several CC winners, Coursing CC winners, Speciality winners, Coursing and Oval Track Champions...

Polongain litters are all very consistent. You can find sound minds in sound bodies, beautiful show borzois as well as eager and highly motivated coursing and oval track borzois. But above all they are all lovely friends and companions!

Kennel Polongain has exports to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, U.S.A., and Mexico. Polongain name can be found in pedigrees also in Belgium, Canada, France and Japan.

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