Sound Clips

Here are some sound clips that feature different aspects of my playing.

Stablemates guitar solo

This is my solo on Benny Golson's classic, Stablemates, from a live gig by the group Four. For me, the most apparent feature is the rhythmic playing I kept getting into during the night we recorded this. That and the sometimes asymmetrical use of space which I'm glad to find has crept into my playing. The guitar here is an Ibanez Artfield AF200.

Over the Rainbow

Here's a trio rendition of the timeless standard, with Noah Schenker on bass and Thomas Rnnholm on drums. This was recorded at the Korpoo Sea Jazz festival in the summer of 2005.

Vote For Modes

This is my solo on a Mikko Pettinen original composition entitled Vote For Modes from the radio recording of the group Organization. Using the open tonality as a contrast for a funkier trumpet solo that preceded the guitar solo, this brings to the front one of my earliest influences, Pat Metheny. Nevertheless, this is one of my personal favorites; I like the balance between intensity and control on this one. The instument played is once again the Ibanez AF200.

arrangement: Lady Be Good

A YouTube link to The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band playing my arrangement of Gershwin's Lady Be Good. The soloist is my good friend Risto Salmi.

Autumn Leaves solo guitar improvisation