Petri Krzywacki (b.1971) hails from the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. Having aimed his artistic tendencies at visual arts as a child, he turned to music as a teenager. Originally self taught, he studied some classical guitar before finding his way to the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki to focus on jazz. Krzywacki spent the last half of 1995 in United Kingdom studying piano under Nikki Iles and guitar with Mike Walker and Pete Sklaroff. Ample gig opportunities have given him a chance to deepen his understanding of jazz music; he has played with Leroy Jones, Ulf Johansson-Werre and Ed Thigpen, among others. A student of music for life, Krzywacki feels that individual expression stems from knowing the history of the music and one's relationship to it. These days he divides his time between teaching, playing gigs and other music-related activities.


Here are some bands that I've had the pleasure of working with:
  • Riverside Rascals
  • Mikko Pettinen Organization
  • Third Ear
  • Four
  • Wade Mikkola trio / quintet
  • Antti Sarpila Swing Band
  • Helsinki Jazz Phantoms
  • Sticks
  • Heidi Piirala Duo/Quartet/Quintet
  • Mikael Långbacka Trio
  • Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola Jazzence
  • Django's Four
  • Jazz Partout
  • Pentti Lasanen Big Swing
  • The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band
  • Reija Lang Trio
  • Uptown