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The Kvarken archipelago, one of UNESCO:s world heritage sites

Kvarken World heritage site

World heritage site

The Kvarken archipelago was inscripted on the World heritage list in 2006. The rapid land uplift rate of 8 mm per year in the flat moraine archipelagos gives rise to some outstanding scenery. See map on the world heritage area.(360kB,pdf ).

Boulder-rich  archipelago

The land uplift

The Kvarken archipelago is young. The first reefs emerged from the sea about 2000 years ago and people started to settle in the area a thousand years later. The land area of the Kvarken archipelago grows by 1 km2/year. The land uplift makes boat channels continuously more shallow so they have to be re-situated, a phenomenon which applies also to harbours and boat-houses. Evidence of the last ice age and the consequences of the land uplift on life in the archipelago are features readily to be seen in the surroundings.