Nord ObCh Fin & DK & S & EE ObCh SM4-11 RTK1
Fin & S WTCh JK3 EK3 FH2 HK1 RH-F-A BH
JK-SM2-11 NOM6-11 NOM2-12 NOM2-13
M-15 NOM-15
Tending Dayfly




Kuva: Tiina Karvonen

Kit keväällä 2007. Kuva: Riitta Jantunen-Korri.

2015 Finnish & Nordic Winners in Tracking (M-15 & NOM-15)

DOB 27.6.2006
hips A/A, elbows 0-0, knees ok, eyes clear (puppy)
Breeder: kennel Tending

Kit in the Database of the Finnish Kennel Club
(pedigree and health & competition results)

Kit is double-registered in the Finnish Kennel Club & Finnish Heardin Dog Society.

2013- Kit started co-operation with Nutrolin. Nutrolin Nivel is the best joint product you can get. It helps Kit to be in excellent shape though Kit has had problems with shoulder and finger joints, working dog trials are hard and Kit is getting older. We highly recommend!

2013 We started to visit fysiotherapist Tanja Kotti in Turku. She really changed Kit's life and planed a new diet for Kit with Orijen foods. After we got to know Orijen 80+20 - foods, I saw a huge different in Kit. Her body lost all "loose" and she really looks outgoing and strong. This I have never seen with any other food. In 2015 we started to co-operate with Acana&Orijen - foods, and we are sooo happy with this sponsor!

We really recommend Nutrolin & Acana&Orijen for all active dogs!!

* 2008 Finnish Obedience Champion - tittle (under 2 years of age)
* 2009 3. place in Obedience Winner Competition of Fin BC & AK Club
* 2009 & 2010 Obedience Winner In The County Of Central Finland
* 2010- Member of Finnish obedience training ring
* 2010 Nordic Obedience Champion - tittle (under 4 years of age)
* 2010 in The County Of Central Finland in Tracking
* 2010 in Winner Tracking Competition of Fin BC & AK Club
* 2010 Obedience Dog Of the Year in Central Finland
* 2010 in Working Dog / Tracking Activity Rankinglist
* 2011 Member of Finnish National Teams in Obedience and WT Tracking
* 2011 Working Trial Chapion - tittle (tracking)
* 2011 in Obedience Nationals (TOKO-SM4-11)
* 2011 Team Finland Obedience World Champions in Paris
* 2011 in Tracking Nationals (PK-JK-SM2-11)
* 2011 & 2012 Winner In The County Of Central Finland in Tracking
* 2011 in Nordic Champions in Tracking in Sweden (NOM6-11)
* 2012 Winner In The County Of Central Finland in Obdience
* 2012 in Tracking Nationals
* 2012 in Nordic Champions in Tracking in Norway (NOM2-12)
* 2012 The Best Working Dog of Fin BC & AK Club
* 2012 The Best Working Dog - award by Kennel Tending
* 2013 in EK Nationals
* 2013 in Nordic Champions in Tracking in Denmark (NOM2-13), "DK WTCh"
* 2013 In The County Of Central Finland in Tracking, in EK and in Obediende
* 2013 RH-F-A = international rescue tracking passed in class A
* 2013 The Best Working Dog of Fin BC & AK Club
* 2014 HK1 = search klass 1 passed
* 2014 in Tracking Nationals
* 2014 Winner in Tracking for Bordecollies
* 2014 Winner in EK and Tracking In The County Of Central Finland  
* 2014 The Best Working Dog of Fin BC & AK Club
* 2014 The Best Working Dog in the County Of Central Finland
* 2015 Winner in Obedience and Tracking in the County Of Central Finland
* 2015 Winner in Obedience and FH-tracking for Bordercollies
* 2015 EE ObCh - winner in Saarenmaa obedience competition
* 2015 in Tracking (JK3) for Bordercollies
* 2015 Winner in Tracking Nationals (M-15)
* 2015 Winner in Nordic Champions in Tracking (NOM-15)


Travelling to competitions and trainings has offered us a great chance to meet new friends. We have had lovely days in Finland, but also visits to wonderful other countries. I have learned a lot from these trips and it has been so nice to travel with Kit!

We have been a member of the Finnish National Team 5 times: once in obedience in Paris in 2011 and 4 times in tracking in Nordic Champions (2011,'12,'13 & '15). Here's our tracking group in Sweden 2015: Kirstin from Denmark, Finn from Norway, Ari from Sweden & me.

Thank you all - hope to see you soon again!

  Kit lived her first 3 weeks with Riitta and Pekka in Paippinen. Then Kit with her sisters and brothers moved to Raffe's home, and lived next 4 weeks with Anki and her family in Sotunki.

I saw the pupies when they were 3 weeks, and paid attention to b&w puppy, "Fransa". When puppies lived with Anki, I visited them a lot. I saw puppies together and one at the time at Anki's home and in her garden. The little Fransa was still the number one...

And so this little Fransa moved to our home and got the name Kit. Actually her name is Kitt, because her name is after Night Rider's car, Kitt: just normal looking car, but inside has secret power, tricks and humour ...

Kuva: Hanna Helminen.
Kit the Little July 2006.


Kit loves to play and she has a very good ability to concentrate. She is also very eager for all kind of food. She is not over-alive or -lively, as a
BC-puppy could be, but she has good speed and energy for all sports - and dangerous situations :) Actually, Kit has a perfect temperament and personality for living with Nana: Kit plays with Nana a lot but doesn't bother her all the time.

As a puppy
Kit started to train some obedience and tracking. Kit is excellent in both of them! For tracking she has almost perfect nosework and concentration, it's a pleasure to watch her work and work & train with her.


Kit in April 2007



Kit kesällä 2008. Kuva: Leena Partanen.
Kit in the summer 2008


Kit started obedience competitions in the fall 2007 and she gained the Finnish Obedience Champion title in the spring 2008. In the fall 2009 & 2010 Kit was Obedience Winner In The County Of Central Finland. In May 2010 Kit was chosen for the Finnish Obedience Training Ring. Also in May 2010 Kit competed in Denmark, Esbjerg, and she gained Danish Obedience Champion - title. In Juni 2010 Kit competed in Sweden, Bollnäs, and gained Swedish ObCh - title with 304.5/320 points, and also Nordic Obedience Champion - title. Duktig Kit, hurraa!

In working dog trials Kit competes tracking, EK, FH and international rescue tracking (RH-F) in the highest class. Tracking competition includes obedience, searching objects and tracking (1,5km, 2h old).
EK includes also search, in 3x3m area small object search and long retriew in woods (200m). FH is tracking on field, in FH2 the track is 3h old, 2000steps long, includes 6 objects, many different corners, 2 false tracks and the track is judged by every step. RH-F includes obedience, agility (sending to 3 tables, tube+bag, barrel-bridge, ladder and carrying) and 2000steps track (usually on field, judged and made like FH track).

2011-12 Kit competed in agility with Kiti Levistö, who has competed for long. Kit loved and really enjoyed agility with Kiti. Here's some memories: competition in May.
Their agility-career ended in 2012 when Kit and I started to train more working dog trials (EK and FH). Time just isnt'n enough for everything.

Kit has
also done some herding with sheep in 2006-08. Kit paid attention to sheep more and more, but unfortunately we moved and now there are very little chances to continue this great hobby.

Both Kit’s parents Raffe and Ben have done herding and they both have a title from “herding basics” (PPR1
/ Vallpr). That’s why Kit is registered also to Finnish Herding Dog Society.


Paimen-Kit syksyllä 2009. Kuva: Leena Partanen.
Kit herding in the fall 2009.  



Kit keväällä 2007.