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Pinserikasvattajia | GP breeders

Yarracitta (FIN) - home of schnauzer crossbreeding project, breeder of our Jaska & Tessa
Cardolan (FIN) - home of MMG Shake Shake Mama
Ceriinan (FIN) - breeder of our M-litter's sire
Windläufer (FIN) - home of our R-litter's sire and MMG Rhea Rhodanthe
Hardly Dangerous & FireBell's (FIN)
Pinjoy (FIN)
Sawonmuan (FIN)
Fundora's (FIN)
Ference (FIN)

Rattenjäger (NOR) - breeder of our Miisa & Emil, home of MMG She's The One
Dark Angels (GER) - breeder of our Poison, home of MMG Metal The Devil
vom Schützengrund (GER) - owner of MMG Metal The Devil's son, Finley v Rittmeister
Legacy (USA)
Actiontail (NOR)
Whiquila (NOR)
King Black (CZ) - breeder of our Karl D.D. King Black
Jumping All Over (SWE)
Rivendells (SWE)
Noticeable (SWE)
Brintala German Pinschers (UK)

Pinskublogeja ja muuta pinskuaiheista | GP blogs and other related

Blue & Devil (FIN) - Megamagee Metal The Devil & Blue des Aslines de Darkenwald
Susu, Enni & Ruusa (FIN) - Yarracitta Ketschuppibaby, Ceriinan Enya & MMG Rachel Flame
Leo & Preta (FIN) - our import girls Poison Private Passion & Sagres Preta
Yatzy, Noppa & Kimble (FIN) - MMG Saxon Stolzite and his friends Noppa & Kimble
Ceriinan Gilbert (FIN) - sire to our M-litter
Magleddies Mostawesome (NOR) - sire to our L-litter
Dark Angels Ineo Magical Moment (GER) - sire to our DA Poison Private Passion
Fritz vom Rittmeister (GER) - MMG Metal The Devil's son in Germany
Jonas & Otto (NOR) - home of Rattenjäger Jolly Junior & Gangland Wolfrider's Bearclaw & co. - international website to all pinscher breeds
GermanPinscherOnline - international discussion forum to all GP people
Deutscher Pinscher Forum - (in german!)
Deutsche Pinscher Initiative

Jalostus, kasvatus, terveys jne. | Breeding, genetics, health etc.

HETI ry (FIN) - Society For Canine Genetic Health And Ethics
Ophthalmological screening examinations of German Pinschers in Finland
Veterinary Ophthalmology 4(3): 165-169.(Leppänen, M., MÃ¥rtenson, J. & Mäki, K. 2001.)
Hereditary Cataracts, Ellen Bjerkls, DVM PhD, DECVO Professor, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences Oslo, Norway
Koirien Geenitutkimus - Hannes Lohen tutkimusryhmän juttuja / only in Finnish
Deutsche Pinscher Augeninitiative
Deutsche Pinscher Zuchtrüeden - GP Stud Male listing
Li'l Dachs (USA) - Dachshund genetics, fits for GP colours too
Muita kasvattajia, yhdistyksiä jne. | other breeders, clubs and other stuff

Pinserit ry (FIN) - Finnish GP club
Suomen Kennelliitto (FIN) - Finnish Kennel Club
KoiraNet (FIN) - Finnish database for all finnish registered dogs
Solar Gift's (FIN) - breeding American Akitas
SitStay.Com - easy pedigree generator
Hihundin (FIN) - breeder of working (or even multi-purpose) wire-haired dachshunds

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