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Welcome — here I present you my professional work as a theoretical ecologist and some aspects of my life as a father and a nature lover. If you’re interested, all my peer reviewed publications are available here. Personal information can be found can be found in the About Me section.

Professionally — At present I have my own postdoctoral research project, funded by the Academy of Finland. This work deals with integrating spatial and temporal environmental variation in models of ecological communities.

In 2010 I also worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the university of Turku, Finland, in the project of prof. Kai Norrdahl dealing with the predictability of food web composition.

In 2009–2010 I spent at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of  professors Peter Abrams & Brian Shuter, also collaborating with prof. Kevin McCann (U of Guelph). This work in Toronto dealt with food web models and the influence of climate change on spatially coupled food chains.

I did my PhD in the University of Helsinki, working in the Integrative Ecology Group, under the supervision of profs. Esa Ranta (✝ 2008) and Veijo Kaitala and Dr. Mike Fowler. My thesis concentrated around ecological communities and the impact of environmental stochasticity on biological systems in general.



Lasse Ruokolainen

Integrative Ecology Unit

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Population responses
to NAO



Figure. Left: Annual North Atlantic Oscillation Index. Right: Population dynamics (either under- or overcompensating) affected by NAO. Undercompensating (overcompensating) growth = population responds slowly (rapidly) to changes in its own density.



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