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The (Finnish) T. Kuula Society (TKS) was founded in May 18th 1948, when exactly 30 years had elapsed since the death of composer and conductor T. Kuula . The society is registered in Helsinki. The intention is to make better known the life's work of T. Kuula and to awaken a wide interest in his musical output also abroad. Because of these aims TKS is attempting to publish the complete output of T. Kuula and to honor its 50th anniversary the society launched an extensive notation project - The Complete Kuula Edition (CKE) - the 1st volume of which was released in January 1998.

Those interested in the activities of the society are welcome. The (voluntary) annual membership fee is 17 EUR.

The following persons have acted as chairmen of the society:

Current chairman (2001-) is Tero Tommila and the other members of the board are:

* vice president Kaisa Kuula
* secretary Markku Marttinen
* Kristiina Seikkula
* Ulla Salmela

Postal address of the society is:

TKS/T. Tommila
Havut. 4 G
02270 Espoo

Honorary members:

The society has an extensive collection of repro negatives from the Kuula photograph archive in the city of Alavus. Other negatives and prints may be found also in:

The society also has the composer's complete output, either as printed sheet music or manuscript copies (for ex. 77 unpublished works). A large collection of original manuscripts can be found at The National Library of Finland

The society has published the following (before the CKE project):

TKS #1 Stabat mater op. 25 piano part. (by E. Roiha) 1950 (also separate choral part = "1a")
TKS #2 Orjan poika op. 14b piano part. (by A. Rudnev) 1955
TKS #3 Merenkylpijäneidot op. 12a piano part. ca. 1955
TKS #4 Impi & pajarin poika op. 18a piano part. 1956
TKS #5 Kuolematt. toivo op. 15 choral part only (unofficial)
TKS #6 Prelude op. 10/1 full score 1956
TKS #7 Pohjal. tanssi 1 (op. 9/3) full score 1957
TKS #8 Maisema (op. 9/1) full score 1957
TKS #9 Hämärän laulu (op. 9/5) full score 1957
TKS #10 Lapuan marssi op. 5 choral part only 1957
TKS #11 Fuga op. 10/2 full score 1959
TKS #12 a selection of works for mixed choir a cappella 1968
TKS #13 Juhlakantaatti = Isonkyrön kant., full score (never released) -> see CKE /2a7
no nr. Orjan poika op. 14b choral part only (unofficial)

The recordings published by the society (EP/45 rpm/mono):

TKS #101 Syystunnelma, Kesäyö kirkkom., Sinikan laulu & Yö nummella
Matti Lehtinen, accomp. Pentti Koskimies or Sinikka Kuula
TKS #102 Satukuvat 1&3, Piirileikki
S. Kuula
TKS #103 South Ostrobothnian dances op. 17a
Paavo & Liisa Pohjola
TKS #104 Purjein kuutamolla, Paimenet, Tule armaani & Sinipiika
Marja Eskola or Pekka Nuotio, accomp. S. Kuula
TKS #105 Epilogi, Kohtalo, Aamulaulu & Tuijotin tulehen kauan
Göta Blomberg, accomp. P. Koskimies
TKS #106 Omenapuut, Sävel, Auringon noustessa & On herran templiin…
Klemetti Institute Chamber Choir, dir. Harald Andersén
TKS #107 Notturno/Scherzo/Joululaulu
V. Jussila & M. von Deringer/P. & L. Pohjola/Erik & Evi Cronvall
TKS #108 Piano works... (missing in the archives of the society)
S. Kuula
TKS #109 Karjapihassa, Jääkukkia, Yli kukkien & Lauantai-ilta
Anita Välkki, accomp. Marja Oja (commissioned by the city of Vaasa)

The contents of these recordings is gathered from old tapes in the sound archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.