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The death mask of the composer (by A. Sailo 1918) has been in the City Hall of Alavus since 1979 and a memorial statue (by Anu Matilainen) was erected in Kuula Park, Helsinki 1988. Already earlier (1963) statues have been erected in Alavus (by Johannes Haapasalo 1937) & Vaasa (by Väinö Aaltonen). It may be mentioned that the Alavus statue was originally intended for Viipuri.

The 100th Anniversary Memorial Stamp of the composer was released July the 7th 1983

Kuula Musical College was founded in Vaasa 1952

The correspondence of Toivo & Alma (over 700 letters & 600 post cards) has been archived at The National Library of Finland (previously Helsinki University Main Library)

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