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Location: Viiala, Finland
Visited: 15 March 1998

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The Wonderful World of Vehicles
by Kurt Ristniemi

Zetor Model 25 A
Diesel Tractor, 1956
Nr 44820

Z for Zetor


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Page updated 14.08.2005
published 11 January 2000

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Zetor Model 25 A

Zetor Model 25A
The first ever Zetor model, the 25A in 1946

The instrument panel
The instrument panel is - uh - adequate? 

There was a rusty old tractor on the road bank! We were driving with sEs from Pirkkala to Viiala to search for industrial areas as we saw the tractor. "Why not have a look at it", I say to him and drive the SkodaMobile over to the next crossing, where I make an illegal U-turn round the traffic divider. And we are headed back towards the old rust bag; It just has to be checked out.

It is a Czechoslovakian Zetor Model 25 A Diesel tractor from 1956, that now serves as a billboard stand for a plywood selling firm. It is weather beaten and rusty through and through. But strangely enough it has most of its parts left. Including a well preserved plate with these details:


The unmistakable facts


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Zetor 25 A

type T25
year 1956
manufacturer Zbrojovka, Brno,
engine 2 cyl, 4 stroke
capacity, ccm 2 080
power, HP 25 (24,3)
rpm 1 800
gears 6 +2 reverse
speed 3,4 - 32 kmh
power out-take 535 rpm
track adustable:
120 - 150 cm
weight, kg 1 200
weight, kg 1 985 
electric starter, electric lights, 

50 years of Zetor

25 A
Zetor 25 A

25 K
Zetor 25 K
first seen in Finland in early June 1954




The Zetor Tractor

Zetor tractor company was established in 1946 in Brno, Czechoslovakia. It became one of the largest European tractor manufacturers.

Throughout the first fifty years, Zetor R&D pioneered various new concepts. Zetor had one of the first hitch hydraulic systems (Zetormatic) with full Position, Draft and Mixed control capability (introduced in 1960). Later Zetor was the first tractor company to manufacture fully integrated safety cab with insulated, rubber mounted suspension, an idea later adopted by all other manufactures.


As good as new.
A restored Zetor 25A at Rämsöö Hard Technology Day,
23 May 1998

Zetor in Finland

First two Zetor tractors were brought to Finland for testing in 1951 by the central co-operative store 'Hankkija'. The tests were not quite satisfactory and Hankkija negotiated for alterations. Mostly on the construction and durability. Import was then started in late 1952.

By the end of 1953 there were 2 300 Zetors sold in Finland.

The Zetor was marketed for mid-sized farms (in Finnish scale) and forestry.

Cooperative stores were a good marketing channel for Zetor. Stores were several around the country in the fifties as were cooperative service garages. The Zetor sales net was superior when compared to tractor selling car sellers.

A typical problem of the 25 A was the high seat: The driver felt quite unsecure high up above the tractor. And quite unsecure he was: think what happened if the tractor rolled over on hill slope...


The Billboard Zetor
The last task


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A Zetor shattered by its flywheel
In 15. May 2003 a 1963 Zetor was blown into bits while in use in Nastola, Finland.
In the old Zetor tractors there is a large and  heavy flywheel to keep the engine running smoothly. This flywheel was unexpectedly broken and the tractor was blown into parts that were shattered tens of meters. The front axle was thrown 24 meters away.
The driver was injured and he was taken to a hospital. 



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