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The Heroic Pilot

In a Folland Gnat,
August 1997, Riihimäki, Finland


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The Wonderful World of Vehicles

by Kurt Ristniemi


All those Wonderful abandoned Vehicles in the Finnish landscape; the Wonderful World of Vehicles.  


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The Wonderful World of Vehicles


The Wonderful World of Vehicles


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If you have more information about these Wonderful Vehicles, please let me know: Before sending your message, please read the statement below.  

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Please do notice though, that
- I do not own any of these vehicles,
- I do not not buy or sell any vehicles or parts for them,
- I do not know where you can buy vehicles or parts for them,
- I do not know what would be their value.
- I will not reply messages that suppose any of the above.



The Wonderful World of Vehicles Guest Book

Guest Book

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I take great pleasure in driving through Finland with my friend sEs in my old SkodaMobile, and studying abandoned and ancient vehicles, and pretending to be driving them. And telling their stories.



There are old abandoned vehicles lying around in the Finnish landscape. Sometimes in astonishing hidden collections in the woods; sometimes in amazing amounts on the yards of people; sometimes on scrap yards. And sometimes surprisingly as monuments or decorations.

Driving around Finland will eventually reveal wonderful abandoned old vehicles: tractors, railroad equipment, cars, trucks, helicopters, airplanes - you name it.


o What's new

18 August 2005
Current whereabouts of the Finnish Folland Gnats tabulated on the 'Gnat in Finland' page.

16 August 2005
The page of the Gnats of Kim Raquet got finally published after 6 years delay. The missing material was recovered from an old hard disk. - See the Restored Gnats section. 

12 August 2005
Amazon.com book links added for easy acces to informative books about the vehicles. 

Wikipedia links added for additional accurate information about the vehicles. 

10 May 2003
The Restored Gnats page is finally finished. For years its files were lost on a broken computer. The hard disk is now saved, and the page of these restored jet fighter airplanes is under control again. Now with compressed images.

4 April 2003
The original counter stopped working. The new counter was supplied by WebCounter.

1 December 2001
The jet fighter airplane Folland Gnat GN-113 is saved and will be restored.


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The Wonderful World of Vehicles

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