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Under Construction
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! Information Needed
We have visited the most interesting vehicles, but I have too little information to publish a page. Let me know what you know about
- Fordson Major Tractor with a Back Loader
- The Tamrock Tunneling Drill Rig

- The Tampere Truck Jungle
(12 April 1998)

? Identification Help Wanted
We have also run into vehicles we have no idea about. See if you can help me identify
- The Yellow Hulk in Hämeenlinna
(3 January 1998)

Future Items
I'm planning on putting up not so specific pages on trucks, tractors, cranes, whatever there are. We have found lots of vehicles, but not so much info. Maybe you can help...
(12 January 2000)




oo Aviation oo

Wikipedia: Aviation

o Mil Mi-2 Multi Purpose Helicopter of Aeroflot at Riihimäki, Finland. "The Piggy Copter" or the "Hoplite" as NATO call it.
Published: 5 March 1998.

o Folland FO.141 Gnat FR Mk.1 (Folland Gnat FR.1) reconnaissance jet fighter GN-113 of the Finnish Air Force from the '50s at Riihimäki, Finland. With loads of Gnat-info: Gnats in Finland, Gnats in Aerobatics, Restored Gnats etc.
Published: December 1997
Last update: 18 August 2005.

oo Railroads oo

Wikipedia: Railroad

o The 1005 'Ukko-Pekka' Steam Engine of the Finnish State Railways, Hr1-class, The Ukko-Pekka, at Haapamäki train yard, Finland.
The flagship of the Finnish Railways of the '40s.
Published: December 1997.

o The Kisko-Kalle light weight Rail Tractor of the Finnish State Railways from 1958 at Haapamäki train yard. A thin little thing used for shunting railroad cars on line stations.
Published: April 1998.
Updated: 9 May 2003: New images.

oo Farming oo

Wikipedia: Tractor

o Fordson Model F Tractor at Sipoo Church, Finland.
The first ever mass produced modern light weight agricultural tractor. A true classic.
Published: December 1997.
Updated: 17 January 1998: Tractors in Finland

o Zetor 25 A Tractor 1956 at Viiala, Finland.
The small agricultural tractor that filled Finland in the '50s.
Published: 11 January 2000

oo Collections oo

o A page of tractors that we have come across, and who (not yet) have pages of their own.
Published: 16 January 2000

o o To be continued...


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