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The site concentrates mainly on the Models of Yesteryear made by Jack Odell, or the First Series and Second Series models of the 1950s and 1960s.
See 'Models of Jack Odell: 1956 - 1972'.

On this site time stops at 1996.
There will be no info about post 1996 models, and the 1996 style layout of the site will be preserved.




Models of Jack Odell: 1956 - 1972

Jack Odell made delicate fine models of historical vehicles. During the 1960s the range shifted to all cars.

This section is the main section of the site.

Updated 14 December 2003.



The re-launch models 1974 

After the Mattel Hot Wheels crisis Yesteryears were re-launched in 1974 - 1975. With plastic lamps and windscreens, unfit wheels, metallic paints. 

This section is not covered.



Tyco era models: 1993 up till 1996

Tyco likes issuing small collections. The Tyco era started in 1993.
Years 1993 to 1995
Year 1996.

Updated 2 February 1997.



Editor What is this site actually about?
The emphasis is now on Jack Odell's models.

13 February 2003.


My Collecting

Read how I got hooked and what I think about the MOYs now.

12 April 1996.


MOYs wanted

I now concentrate only on finishing my collection of the original early MOYs pre 1973/74 re-launch. Models 1 to 16 only. 

Updated 30 August 2001.


MOY history

The first ever Model of Yesteryear Before Xmas season it was quiet at Lesney's. They started producing die cast toys. Jack Odell liked old-fashioned vehicles...

Updated 12 February 2003.

MOY policies

Page on numbering, codes, variants, production methods, etc.

Page restructured 20 July 1996.

Model sets

During the years different sets or collections have been made.

Page in early stage.
Updated 27 May 1996.


Addresses for associations and dealers.

The contacts have not been checked for a long long time.

Updated 26 January 1997.



People keep asking. That's good. Look what others have asked and find out the answers. If your question is left unanswered, ask me.

Page updated 31 July 1996.



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