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Me in a Gnat

In a Folland Gnat from the late 1950s.
6 August 1997.
from 'The Wonderful World of Vehicles' site.


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My subsites deal with different subjects: Collectable Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' die cast models, abandoned vehicles called back to life for a moment, TRIX EXPRESS H0 scale model railroad, horse colour genetics, and genealogy of my family. - And don't forget to send one of my Horse Cards to your friend!

And if old signs mean anything: there will perhaps be subsites on other subjects as time passes.


Blogini (WebLog) 'Mielikuvaelämä'.
Motto: Ei meistä kukaan todellisuudessa elä; kukin elää omassa mielikuvassaan todellisuudesta...
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My site on 'Matchbox' 'Models of Yesteryear' (MOY) die cast model site has been a popular site among enthusiast since 1996. It is the first ever all MOY site on the Web.

The Wonderful World of Vehicles site is about abandoned vehicles. Found in the Finnish woods and fields and back yards. Vehicles that I take great pleasure in studying and pretending to be bringing them back to life for a moment.

In TRIX EXPRESS Model Trains you will find my
- easy-to-use guide for identifying all the TRIX EXPRESS steam locomotive types and variants 1935 - 1965.
- guidance for buying TRIX EXPRESS on the Net.

The Horse Colors site tells about horse color genetics. Chestnut, bay and black are the base colors on which all other colors can be built. But you need to realize that genes are not switches, instead their mutations are more or less effective in their work. That's what makes all the shades. - Suomeksi ja englanniksi -

Ravintoloitsija Nikolai Wahlgrénin perhe Jyväskylässä 1887 - 1931 on kertomus isäni äidin, Jenny Wahlgrénin, lapsuuden perheestä. Jennyn isä Nikolai Wahlgrén omisti  maankuulun Hotelli Wahlgrenin. Perhe eli läpi keisari Aleksanteri II:n liberalismin ja Nikolai II:n sortovuodet, veljessodan ja itsenäistymisen.



The sites are independent;
They all have their individual layout and structure


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