Dogs have always been part of my life. First one, a mut called Turre, so lovable,
but handfull in every possible way. It loved to bite people
and had an epilepsy as a bonus.Next one was Slovackian Kuvac, Katja.
Greatest fun being child was when we wererunning all over the yard
and poor dog tried to gather us to one place, being a shepheard as she was.
A year from this our first Scottish Deerhound, Sissi, arrived.
She was the starting point for my mothers success story under kennel SWEETSCOT.
And after about 30 years the work continues still.

Glenns came to picture 1989 when Reino (Glen Stars Gregory Peck) joined the team.
He was import from Sweden, and we had to nurse him at the arrival because
my mothers kennel had a severe kennelcough epidemic.
He stayed with us a couple of months and then it was taken back to my mothers.
His great personality has left its mark to us all,
and it was a terrible moment to give him back. After few months he returned to us,
because the Glenns Liisa and Reino has caused "Glenn-terror"
amongst my mothers Scottish Hounds. Beign underdogs in Scottish Hound herd,
they have caused good fights in the flock. Reino moved permanently to us and Liisa
moved to my brother Janne. A little over a year from this, Reinos daughter,
Reetta (Marfidal Fluffy Fly-Flap) joined the team.

For starters my intention was not to concentrate to breeding more than necessary,
as my passion was dog shows, not breeding. After few litters,
I noticed that breeding was quite rewarding, and it actually increased the number
of shows, which was opposite what I had thought. At this point
Lola (Malsville Original Folk) arrived, causing my interest for breeding
to increase even more and improved also the show results.

In my breeding work I have had big set back as well as great highlights,
showing the both sides of the coin. Sometimes you have to take chances,
but keep common sence there also. I wouldn´t change a day though.
Little by little over the years breeding material has broadened and broadened.
There are imports and seamless co-operation with some other breeders.
With these means we are looking for increasing Glenn population.
Very interesting work, I can tell. Meanwhile there has been several litters,
out of which Ruuti, Kerttu and Oodi has found a home with us.

I have intentionally kept my breeding work minimalistic. First of all,
I dont have kennel kind of habitat, and secondly this pace is enough
so I can have time to follow up and support the developing of my offsprings.
My breeding ethics is very non-flexible. I always work very intensively with new owners,
mainly because we know how "challenging" Glenn can be. It is stubborn,
sharp-teethed bully; at least first six months.
And after that there will be other joys and worries,
which I gladly share through the whole life cycle. This method has rewarded
me with unbelievable good friends.  

It doesnd leave anyone cold. GREAT SMALL DOG a.k.a GLEN OF IMAAL TERRIER




INT&FIN&EST MVA / CH ESTW-95, PLW-95, PZsg -95
Glen Stars Gregory Peck

Sleep away 1997




Marfidal Fluffy Fly-Flap

Sleep away in autumn 2003




Malsville Original Folk

Sleep away in autumn 2006