2.5. Awesome Success Again, now at Group Show in Äänekoski

Judge Karin Bergbom chose  Martti (Gleann Nollaig) again for BOB. Old timer Oskari (Gleann Catmandoo) rammed himself to second place. Third was rookie, great son of great Oskari, Tahvo (Gleann Organ) also getting his first ever CAC. Fouth boy was our supermover Lalli (Gleann Nero). As the bitch of the day Karin chose Sessa (Gleann Operetta), daughter of Oskari. Also Sessa received CAC. Good runner up in second place was Ira (Gleann Nora).
At BIS VETERAN competition the glenn grandpa Oskari was placed 4th by V-P Kumpumäki. Oskari is like wine, the older he gets the better he becomes J

Breeders BIS competition, Kennel Gleann was NUMBER ONE, by Karin Bergbom!!!!

Again the feeling was unbelievable, great, and, and, and….

After BIS competition I started to give price foods (4 cases) to the people attended to BIS Breeder competition and realized that I didn’t leave any food to my self, as there was no dogs of my own in the ring J.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Marjut and Sessa, Piia and Ira, and ofcourse Suvi and the boys. Again you were there with me sharing this memorable event and hopefully we will have plenty of these in the future. Thank you.
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Bitches Ruled - Surprise Winner in Dogs

"This year top three consisted of bitches and best male was from surprise breed"
Number one was white Westie, Whos Queen Head, number two Kerry Geijes Artful Eye and third Australian Terrier Bluepeppers Fun.
"Lists surprise, without a doubt and with very goog PR to its breed, was Glenn of Imaal Terrier Gleann Nollaig with couple of group winnings and several good standings. Fourth placement also that he was the best male".

We are talking about Terrier of the Year 2008 competition. Points are calculated based on FCI group 3 attendees and their success in Group competitions.

It is overwhelming that Glenns finally had possibility to gain this kind of success, being a quite rare and challenging breed to have. Rareness gives the breeding challenge due the narrow gene pool which makes it hard to think suitable combinations over familytrees and heridetary deciases.

With Martti everything has been in right places! He has clean hips, elbows, patella and eyes, among other things! He is very close to ideal Glenn dog. Fortunately Martti isnt perfect, so there is still plenty to do in the future still.

All started already when we were watching Martti as a baby with Suvi, and started thinking out loud that we might have a gold nugget in our hands! The BOB and Certs started pooring in and we decided to see how many of those can one dog get, and we got some! Group competition success came as a bonus. No one could imagine that Glenn would be competing evenly with all the other terriers in the Groups. Still, everytime when I watch Martti to move at the ring, it gives me goose pumps, and I have to admitt that I have said a prair or two; please Judges, look what we have. Well, finally they did. Movement of this dog is so intreaging, fluent and healthy. Not forgetting Suvins awesome handling, I can tell from my own experience that this particular Martti isnt the easiest one to show.

Quotations from TERRILIFE 1/2009. Quotes marked with " " . Text" "  is by Matti Luoso.

2nd of February, Keuruu; Returning home with bags full of success

Maija Mäkinen was judging the Glenns and choose ”Martti” ( G Nollaig) for BOB and in big ring she choose Martti to be fourth best terrier!. After crueling pow-wow our Grandpa “Oskari” ( G Catmandoo) became second and also was Best Veteran of Glenns. He also reached second place in group Veterans, chosen by Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.

 BOS was Oodi (G Ode) and second best bitch with CAC was Oodis sister Sessa (G Operetta). Third best dog with CAC was Roope (Irish Rovers Sir Brendan Behan). So beautifully showed!
Best Breeder of the Terrier Group was judged by Mr Paavo Mattila, and Kennel Gleann was third. Awesome.

Again it was long and grateful day; starting at 4 am, back home eightish at the evening. Luckily we had Myytti The Clown (Ariva Sand & Sky) with us, giving us laughs and joy whenever needed and then some;-). Martti, on the other hand, was almost walking home, showed the real boneheadiness. That was so Glennish ( this is the new expression that should be added to judging principals of Glenn). Suvi swetting off with the youngster at the ring whilst girls in heat running around and smelling “good”. Poor thing, and I mean Suvi by this. Sessas family popped the sparkling drink for the CAC.

On January 11th 2009 at Kajaani International Dog Show, Oodi ” Gleann Ode” reached Finnish Champion title. Oodi was a little short on CAC hunt compared to Martti. Oodi had 22 CACs from Finland and 3 abroad. At the same show Eppu, “Hyvänhuomenen Urhea Glenn” received last needed Cacib and would be International Champion in the future. Also Eppus son Remu, “ Mudmax Remoulade”, received his last CAC and became champion.
Trip to Kajaani was as long as last year. Fortunately driving conditions were very good and we could really push the pedal to the metal on the way over there. Many thanks to Kata cruising along, I´m sure I had slept without someone to talk to. Also your presentation of Eppu was highly appreciated, although dresscode was CAMOUFLACHE.

13th of December 2008, Winner 2008, Helsinki.

Again great success for our Glenn team. Number of entries was 38 dogs. Best of the Bunch Judge Kirsi Sainio selected our tiny Tellu a.k.a Irish Rover´s Lady Bridget Been. Tellu got Junior Winner 08 and Winner 08 titles. Second best bitch was Kadris Nogi a.k.a Gleann Know-how, and Oodi was 4th best. Our superunit Martti a.k.a Gleann Nollaig continued his winning streak and won and received Winner 08 title. Grandpa Oskari a.k.a. Gleann Catmandoo, accompanied on second place and with Veteran success, underlined the fact that he had fully recovered his major surgery. 4th place went to Eppu, a.k.a “Hyvänhuomenen Urhea Gleann”.
With three attendees on Breeder class, our team was number one again. Please accept “Lady” Breeders humble thanks to all of you involved.
Picknick was great and especially chocolate cake tasted days after the show in my mouth, Thank you Gitte and Tina for the great glenn weekend.

19th of July, Ylivieska INT
Gleann Nollaig a.k.a. Martti became champion in Ylivieska on 19th of July 2007 at the age of 2 years and 3 days, when receiving his 36th cert!!!
I wonder if this might have been some sort of record of its kind.

1st of July – 6th of July 2008
Whole trip to Sweden was quite remarkable, both show wise and trip wise. Travelling with Suvi is always hilarious and easy as she has sixth sense when it comes to knowing when Mrs Breeder starts to boil over. Suvi either gives and fierce eye, meaning that now it is a good time to shut up or she just says “everything ok, stop nagging”.
Travelling with bunch of Glens requires a good team in order everyone to survive, both the crew and neighboring dogs. In trip to Sweden, I must count Sanna and Joonas to this great team. They endured mine and Suvis moments of bad temper and were always ready to carry, pull and push what and whenever it was needed.
Please accept my humble thanks for your efforts, we wouldn’t have survived otherwise.

Then to the actual shows;

First day, 2nd of July, 46 Glenns were signed in for English Paul Eardley. Gleann Catmandoo a.k.a Oskari was the best Veteran and gave very good competition when selecting the Best Dog.  The competition was between G Catmandoo, G Nollaig and Taramont Iubdan. Taramont Iubdan won and Martti received his first Swedish Certificate!  We hit the jackpot with the bitches. Ruuti (= Gunpowder) Gleann Rabarber Dröm blew everyone away and won the bitches and finally gained Swedish Champion title! Also Kennel Gleann won the Breeders competition. BOB Taramont Iubdan and Best of Opposite Sex was our RUUTI;-)

3rd of July Swedish Glenclub  held their own special show, where Rose Envall-Larsson had to jugde overwhelming 52 Glens. The judge told before the start that her goal today is to find those dogs that still would have the ability to work as they are originally breeded for, to get the badger out of the hole.  It felt SOOOO GOOOOD to see our team win almost everything to be won. Oskari won the Best Veteran title and was BIS. His daughter Gleann Rabarber Dröm a.k.a. Ruuti was again Best of Bitches and Best of Opposite Sex. Gleann Ode a.k.a Oodi received res-CAC. Martti received also res-CAC and judge said that she loved him very much but he needs time to develop. When having this many dogs in show, you realize the value of res-CACs. Out of four Breeders, Kennel Gleann was again victorious.

On 5th of July, the last day of the trip, was the main event, World Champion 2008, with Irish Harry O´Donoghue judging.  The number of Glens, unbelievable 55 dogs! All participated Kennel Gleann dogs received exellent in quality. Attendees were Gleann Nollaig, Gleann Catmandoo, Gleann Ode, Gleann Nora and Gleann Rabarber Dröm.

Gleann Catmandoo was Best Veteran and also World Champion Veteran 2008.  Kennel Gleann won again the Breeders competition. There were four Breeders competing.

7th of June 2008, Pieksämäki
Show for all breeds, Martti a.k.a. Gleann Nollaig was 3rd in terrier group.

31.5.2008 Iitti




25.5.2008 Hamina International dogshow


10th of May 2008. Rauma
National Dog Show, all breeds
10 Glenns, Kari Salminen judging,

Now Martti a.k.a Gleann Nollaig WON the Terrier Group. First time in Finnish Glen History!! Unbelieavably Amazing. Can Breeder be more Happy!! Suvi and Martti, Awesome. Group was judged by Kornelia Butrimova from Lithuania.

8th of December 2007 Helsinki INT, Winner 07
Johan Jusslin Jugdingn, 10 Glenns

Juniors Ruled today at the Winner07 show in Helsinki International. Gleann Ode was Best of Breed and Gleann Nollaig was Best Of Opposite Sex

10.11-07 Baltian Winner-07 Riga/Latvia, j. Rui Oliveira, Portugali

In Baltian winner show Gleann Ode was Best of breed in age of 10 mnts!!!

15.9.2007 Puppy show Helsinki j, Juha Palosaari

Gleann Ode was second best in terrier group!!!

FTO 60-yrs jubilee, Helsinki, j Thomas Hehir IRL, 27 entries

What a great day to kennel GLEANN. Best of breed was Gleann Knock-Out and Best opposite sex was Gleann Nollaig in age of 1 year!

4.3.2007 Puppy-show,

Gleann Nollaig won terriergroup, judge was Maija Mäkinen, FIN

18.2.2007 Ähtäri, j V-P Kumpumäki FIN

Gleann Lassarina was fourth best terrier in terrier group!!!Group judge was Pirjo Hjelm from Finland

16.12.2006 Helsinki INT, Winner Show, j Matti Luoso FIN

BOB, W-06 Gleann Whippy, BOS W-06 Gleann Rabarber Dröm, JW-06, CAC Gleann Lassarina

17.12.2005,Winner-05 Helsinki INT j Ross Delmar IRL
BOB Gleann Rabarber Dröm , BOS Gleann Catmandoo

6.12.2003,Winner-03 Helsinki INT j. Harri Lehkonen FIN
BOBGleann Electric Sauna , BOS Gleann Caterpillar

16.8.2003, Vaasa INT j. Joe Kirk IRL
BOB Gleann Caterpillar ,BOS Gleann Flora . BIS-3 breeder of all breeds

23.8.1997 International show of Pori, Irish judge Frances Hichey choose Gleann Alf to be fifth on terrier group!