artist Yvonne Ohlsson-Söderholm

Glen of Imaal terriers are from Ireland, and you sure can see that! They are so full of happiness and love, that it makes you weak in the knees. 
Glens love spending time outdoors, swimming, hiking, and running with others; dogs and  humans. They almost never get tired.

Due to their huge irish ego, other dogs just are not allowed to bully to Glenn. That is why Glenns are not always the most tolerant breed towards other dogs.   They are cute little things. All of them.Glens love people and probably think that they are humans as well! They love to lay on the 
couch, or where ever people are.Glen is a good dog to have in a family, but it is  not a good dog to get for a child alone.Glens are always unique. They all look a little different and they all have nice personalities.

Glen of Imaal terrier is a medium size dog.  They come in two colors; wheaten and  blue/brindle. It looks clumsy but it is very agile.  Glens can run away in many ways: by jumping  over the fence, digging under it, or by tricking  you. It is quick, and intelligent.

Glens are easy to take care of. Its fur is fairly  short, and by brushing it every once in awhile  you are good to go. You don't need to wash  them very often.Glens love hobbies. Others like picking  mushrooms, others go to agility competitions.  Some baby-sit. Some even like riding motorcycles!

Also there was once a rumor of a 
glen who actually did what they told him to do! And a fairytale tells that Glens killed all the snakes in Ireland.