Sooo... what is a Roaisha-vampire?


To understand what a Roaisha-vampire is, we have to know what is a Roaisha-demon. Roaisha-demons are hulking (a 6'4" specimen is considered "short"), with greyish skin, four short horns, pointed ears, small snout and large fangs. They are vampiric creatures that sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of other creatures. They are close relatives to the same species of demon whose member created the first genuine vampire on Earth by feeding his blood to a human. They are incredibly strong and fast, possess fast healing/regeneration rates, and can only die from beheading, fire, or exposure to sunlight. They reproduce the traditional way, i.e. sexually.

Roaisha-vampires are an offshoot of these demons, created by the Roaisha-demon lord M'Gelkor, although nervous rumors suggest that other powerful members of his kind may have conducted similar experiments. A Roaisha-vampire is created the same way as a regular vampire, as the demon lord either feeds from a human subject, or has his/her blood otherwise drained. The human is then forced to drink the demon lord's powerful blood, which triggers their transformation. A special barrier spell is set around the transforming human to prevent an uncorporeal demon from entering; for if that would happen, the demon would cause the human to rise as a regular, soulless vampire without the added benefits of the Roaisha-lord's blood. Once the human does rise as a Roaisha-vampire, (s)he has his/her soul and mind intact, but their bodies have the powers and abilities detailed below.


Powers & abilities of Roaisha-vampires

-Sunlight does not kill them, but it does severely weaken them. Sunlight is deadly for them if they have been previously weakened due to injury, lack of blood, a spell etc.

-They have super-vampiric strength, stamina, reflexes and speed, as well as senses. They get stronger with age.

-Only decapitation and fire kill them. Religious artifacts have no effect on them whatsoever. Stabbing and bullets don't obviously kill them, but do cause pain, which they feel normally.

-They heal very fast, with even serious and critical, non-fatal injuries healing within a span of a single week. They also regenerate lost limbs and organs. Upon death, they do not dust.

-They are reflected on mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

-If they concentrate, they can sense the presence of other vampires and demons up to 200 feet away.

-They cannot enter a private dwelling without being invited first.

-They do breathe and their heart beats, but only as a reflexive action: their undead bodies are basically doing it "out of habit".

-They must regularly consume not only blood, but also regular, solid food. The reason for this is unclear, but most likely has something to do with their "not living, not dead, and not really undead, either" -bodies and their digestion.

-They cannot reproduce sexually, as they are sterile, but can sire regular vampires.

-Because of their souls, they feel the normal human range of emotions. That does not mean they wouldn't commit evil deeds; just think of the number of evil human beings in the world.

-They can "vamp out", or cause their appearance to become more demonic, at will. Their foreheads become wrinkled, absorbing the eyebrows, their noses and upper jaws fuse together to form a small snout of sorts, their eyes become blood-red, their canines extend into large fangs, and their ears become pointed. Some older specimens also grow four horns as they vamp out. Some individuals, regardless of age, can extend their fingernails into long, sharp claws.