•Joel Hanna will be coaching JigIt in November 2010. In addition, we have started a special class to train a new generation of enthusiastic Irish dancers for the team!

•JigIt will soon be starting its 10th season. Go JigIt! The team was winning in Nordic Feis 2008 and the team members did an excellent job in the European Open and World Open Championships 2009.

• JigIt is competing in the European Open Championships in Duisburg this weekend (28.-29.3.2008). First news from Duisburg tell that we were placed first in the 4-hand Céili competition (both under and over 30) and second in the 8-hand Céili. Our solo dancers Terhi Spackstein and Kristiina Paloheimo were placed first and second in the Championships (under 30), respectively; Lotta Virkkunen from Footlight was placed third.

• J.R. Vancheri (T.C.R.G., New York) trained the team for some days after Christmas (2007) in Helsinki and prepared new choreographies.

•JigIt participated in the Nordic Feis of Irish Dancing and had great success. More info coming soon. The event was organized by the Nordic Society of Irish Dancers in Drammen, Norway.

•Jamit&JigIt continuing after summer. Céili dancing and live music at O'Malley's pub (Helsinki). Starting on 2.9.2007 (at 20.00), and thereafter on the last Sunday of each month. Join us and let's have some fun!

• March and April was filled with gigs and other activities, including photo shooting and videotaping. Here at Malmintalo.

• JigIt participated in the European Open Championships in Berlin during Easter. The team was placed first in the 4-hand Céili competition and second in the 2-hand Figure. Our solo dancers Terhi Spackstein, Kristiina Paloheimo, Heidi Aaltonen and Essi Lahtinen won several medals including three gold, four silver and four bronze.

• Heidi Aaltonen (JigIt) participated in the Arktiset Askelet 2007 event in March. Valistustalo Oy granted a stipend for her excellent dancing.

• May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door. --An Irish blessing. HAPPY ST. PATRICK's DAY!

•JigIt is currently touring around Finland. MFRoadShow started from Seinäjoki on 8.3.2007 and will end in Kuopio on 5.4.2007 Two-day events at each locality include Irish Dance performances night and day and, of course, the central item of the whole tour: MF7400!

Jamit&JigIt, Céili dancing and live music at O'Malley's pub (Helsinki). The dates during spring are 28.1., 25.2., 25.3. and 29.4. (at 20.00). Join us and let's have some fun!

• There will be Céili dancing at O'Malley's pub (Helsinki). Expect some good jamming, together with JigIt and live music. Be there on 10.12. 2006 at 20.00.

• 6.12.2006 at 15.00: Dance & Hair -performance by JigIt, arranged together with students from the Helsinki City College of Culinary Art, Fashion and Beauty. Come and see the show at Dance Center Footlight (for more info, contact soili.stenroos(at)helsinki.fi)

• JigIt participated in the Nordic Feis of Irish Dancing competition in Stockholm. The event was organized during 11.-12.11. 2006 by the Nordic Society of Irish Dancers. Our team won gold in two of the Show categories (5-10 and over 10 dancers) as well as in 4-hand and 8-hand Céili. Silver medals were obtained in 6-hand Céili and Miniteam. Our solo dancers won several medals, as well (four 1st, one 2nd and three 3rd. placements; see under Heidi, Kristiina and Terhi; info available soon). Congrats to Footlight's student Elina for great dancing in Miniteam and solo!

• JigIt performed on 15.8.2006 at Savoy theater in the show "Five times around." Click here for a glimpse. If you are fast, you can see us on stage tomorrow - as well as at Espa stage daytime and at Jam Buffet nightime. www.helsinkitap.fi

• J.R. Vancheri (T.C.R.G., New York) trained the team for a week (12.-17.6.) in Helsinki and prepared new choreographies for competitions and shows.

• JigIt participated in the European Open Championships, Amsterdam 21.-23.4. Team won gold in 6-hand Céili and silver with a show-style soft jig. Solos went great, with top placements in the Intermediates and in Intermediate Premierships. For solos, see more under Essi, Heidi and Kristiina. The event was organized by the World Irish Dance Association and was joined by dancers from Ireland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Denmark and Finland.

• JigIt will be dancing for three days (29.-31.3.) on the Beauty Channel cruises. After that the team will be busy preparing for the European Open Irish Dancing Championships.
• Let's have some fun! St. Patrick's Day festivities at Dance Center Footlight, 13.-18.3.2006. St. Patrick's Day is all about tradition and it involves many famous legends. Ireland's national symbol Shamrock dates back to St. Patrick's time, according to probably one of the most cherised legends.

• Iceland ponies and JigIt dance hard shoe in Equitainment!

• JigIt had great success in the Nordic Feis of Irish Dancing, Lyngby Denmark, 11.-13.11.2005. Check out our placements below. In addition, Heidi and Kristiina won medals in solo competitions, Heidi being placed first and second, and Kristiina second in Intermediate categories.




JigIt won gold in a show category. The winning piece was a hard reel nicknamed "Reiska"


Our soft "Brother John's Jig" (nicknamed "Kinyon's") was placed second in another show category


In Céilí we competed with Duke's Reel and were placed third