Irish Dance links and videos


Some useful link info for Irish Dancers
Dance Center Footlight - http://www.footlight.fi
Irish Dancing in Finland - http://itif.tripod.com
Nordic Society of Irish Dancers - http://www.nsid.org
Finnish-Irish Society - http://www.finnish-irish.fi
European Irish - http://www.europeanirish.com
Antonio Pacelli - http://www.antoniopacelli.com
Irish Dancing Magazine - http://www.irishdancing.com
Irish Music Magazine - http://mag.irish-music.net
Celtic Cafe - http://www.celticcafe.com

Examples of instructory, show, and other videos/DVD's
Olive Hurley's collections (Step by Step I-III, and Complete Céilí)
Lord of The Dance
Feet of Flames
Rhythm of the Dance
Gaelforce Dance
Dance of Desire (available soon according to the team website)
Dancing on Dangerous Ground
Michael Flatley Gold
Ragús the Show
Learn to Dance with Aisling Holly
Irish Dancing Made Easy
Celtic Feet

100 Years of Irish Dancing Video
Jean Butler's Irish Dance Master Class Video
History of Irish Music and Dance
Feast of Irish Set Dancing
Rhythm and shoes - the Irish Way
World Irish Dancing Championship - 25th Anniversary