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JigIt is one of the three performing dance groups of Dance Center Footlight. JigIt, founded in 2000 by Taina Schorin-Keltto, was the very first Irish Dance group in Finland and among the first in the Nordic countries. JigIt is currently
made up of 10 dancers, and over the past years it has performed in numerous venues throughout Finland. In the Nordic Feis 2002 JigIt was the silver medalist of the show competition; in the Nordic Feis 2005 JigIt was placed first and in 2006 and 2008 gold was achieved in several categories. The group's repertoire is contemporary but maintains high regards for traditional dance style. Dances are performed both in hard and soft shoes and they are set to lively Irish Music - reels, jigs and hornpipes.


You can book JigIt to perform at your event. Performances can be organized to fit the venue. Available dances range from solos to spectacular team numbers. We cooperate with Pulari, a great band specialized in Irish music, so you can book for a whole Irish evening!

For more information and booking, please contact:

or call: 09-6227 1458 / 0400-708097