Object: Open cluster NGC 7039                   Constell: CYG

RA: 21h 11.2m           Decl: +45° 39'          Epoch: 2000
Mag: 7.6m               Size: 25'               Type: III 2 p

Observer: Jere Kahanpää
Obs. place: Hartola, Finland
Date/Time: 22./23.8.1996, 02.45

Telescope: N 205/1000
Magn: 80x               Filter:
Field: 37'              NE Lim.mag: 5.7m
Background sky: 3       Seeing: 2-3
Weather: +10 °C, no Moon. Strong twilight NE.  

Brightness: 3           Alt: 65°    
Description: Surrounds a mag. 7 star. Estim. size 13'. The
catal. size includes probably also the circle of bright stars
which surrounds the cluster. Visually these don't look like
members though. About 40 stars mag. 7,10...12. Most stars near
mag. 11, own Tr-type III 1 m/p. The cluster (13') is surrounded
by an almost starless area between the inner cluster and the
bright stars near the edges of the field. Outside this area the
star density is almost as high as in the cluster.