Object: Open cluster NGC 1245                   Constell: PER

RA: 03h 14.11m          Decl: +47° 13'          Epoch: 2000
Mag: 8.4m               Size: 10'               Type: III 1 r

Observer: Jere Kahanpää
Obs. place: Korpilahti, Finland
Date/Time: 22./23.11.1992, 18.30

Telescope: N 205/1000
Magn: 133x              Filter:
Field: 22'              NE Lim.mag: 5.7m
Background sky: 3       Seeing: 4 
Weather: Faint aurorae. Some light pollution in the general
direction of the cluster.

Brightness: 4           Alt:    
Description: Suprisingly difficult. About 10 stars and a faintly
mottled faint glow. Round.