Object: Open cluster NGC 609                    Constell: CAS

RA: 01h 37.2m           Decl: +64° 33'          Epoch: 2000
Mag: 11m                Size: 3'                Type: II 3 r

Observer: Jere Kahanpää
Obs. place: Hartola, Finland
Date/Time: 1./2.9.1997, 01.20

Telescope: N 205/1000
Magn: 133x              Filter: -
Field: 22'              NE Lim.mag: 6.0m
Background sky: 2-3     Seeing: 2-3
Weather: +9 °C, no Moon.

Brightness: 5           Alt: 60°
Description: A faint but still easy glow including a few 14m
stars with averted vision. The shape is irregular and not easy
to see, basically round. Size about 1.8'. The position in
Uranometria 2000.0 is slightly too much E, but Megastar uses the
correct position.