Object:  Open cluster MESSIER 36                Constell: AUR

RA: 05h 36.1m           Decl: +34° 08'          Epoch: 2000
Mag: 6.0m               Size: 12'               Type: I 3 r

Observer: Jere Kahanpää
Obs. place: Jyväskylä, Finland
Date/Time: 29./30.1.1992, 19.15

Telescope: N 205/1000
Magn: 63x               Filter:
Field: 60'              NE Lim.mag: 5.5m
Background sky: 3-4     Seeing: 3 

Brightness: 2           Alt:    
Description: A nice cluster but both M 37 and M 38 are brighter
and richer. No clear borders. Centered on a mag. 9-10 double.
About 30-35 stars. No definite shape. The brighest stars are
found in two chains which combine to a lambda-shaped structure
with the top of the letter towards NW. 

ngc: "Cl, B, vL, vRi, lC, *9..11"