See also: nakd-eye obs.
Object: Galaxy MESSIER 33                       Constell: TRI

RA: 01h 33.9m           Decl: +39° 40'          Epoch: 2000
Mag: 5.7m (v)           Size: 73'x45'           Type: SA(s)cd

Observer: Jere Kahanpää
Obs. place: Öland, Sweden
Date/Time:  4./5.8.1992, 01.40

Telescope: N 205/1000
Magn: 63x               Filter:
Field: 60'              NE Lim.mag: 5.7m
Background sky: 2       Seeing: 3 

Brightness: 2           Alt:    
Description: Very beautiful! Spiral arms easy, the N one being
brighter. Four brightenings visible, the brightest being NGC 604
in the end of the N arms. In a rich field.