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Sources and references

Open clusters

The main catalogue used is Catalogue of Open Cluster Data by Gosta Lyngå. The data is quite incomplete and I have included some own estimates of size, class and number of stars.


Almost all information about these virtually unknown clusters come from The 'Non-Existent' Star Clusters of the RNGC by Brent Archinal ,a monograph published by the Webb Society. Also many estimates by me and observers mentioned in Private Communication.

Globular clusters

Collecting information about globular clusters was quite easy (unlike all other classes) for several reasons: 1. There are only a few globulars in the Milky Way, 2. most are quite bright and size and magnitude data is readily avaible and 3. sizes and magnitudes are but rough estimates. In most cases information was taken from the Deep Sky Field Guide.

Planetary nebulae

The one and only: Strasbourg-ESO catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae by Acker et al. Visual magnitudes were calculated by myself from the emission line strenghts in the S-E catalogue and cross-checked with Brazell's values published in Quarterly Journal Issue 104, April 1996.

Gaseous nebulae

Several main sources, the most important being

Galaxy clusters

Abell's classical catalogue of galaxy clusters.


Most galaxies come from the Megastar database. Also the machine-readable vesions of the large galaxy catalogues (UGC, CGCG and MCG) were used.


Observing guides and computer programs


Private communication, email or newsgroup

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