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Key to the .txt files

A standard 3-letter abbreviation of the constellation
Right Ascension
Magnitude (catalogue data or estimate)
Magnitude used for the drawing
the FOV of the drawing
NE Lim.mag
The naked-eye limiting magnitude
Background sky
An estimate of the general brightness of the sky. 1 is best and 5 is worst:
1 = Almost black, Milky Way very bright and M13 easily visible NE
2 = Good but not perfect. MW bright but fainter parts difficult
3 = Average. Milky Way visible but not bright
4 = Poor. Milky Way barely visible.
5 = Very poor. MW not visible. Full Moon nights.
An estimate of the steadiness of the air mass. 1 is best and 5 worst.
The altitude of the object. (Degrees above the horizon)
An estimate of the general visibility of the object. 1 is best and 5 faintest:
1 = A showpiece. Very bright and easy
2 = Bright, easy without averted vision.
3 = Moderately faint without averted vision but bright vith it
4 = Barely visible without averted vision
5 = Visible only with averted vision
5b or 6 is occasionally used for objects at the 'Three photon limit' ie. suspected ones.

Updated 14.11.2000