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CH S*Madison´s Frisco Fling,   "Oliver"   suomen lippu

was born  on 2.3.2006 in S*Madison´s cattery in Umeå Sweden. Oliver´s colour is registered to be blue spotted tabby, a 24. Oliver is a very good-tempered, gentle, friendly, talkative, calm,  independent but self confident and dominant towards other cats. His best friends are Luca and Iiris of the other cats. In the mornings he says hello by purring round feet and wants to have a little chat with me. Oliver weighs round 6.5 kilos at the moment. He is very interested in female cats, feels very much like a grown male and is sometimes really loud in using his voice, especially at night time when his singing will be best heard. Oliver has lovely green eyes, thick and fluffy coat, strong bones, he is nicely built and is a balanced Norwegian Forest Cat male in dimensions.  

He has four litters. Oliver´s heart and kidneys have been screened to be ok. He is Felv and FIV negative and blood goup A. His blood test result of GSD IV was n/n. 


Oliver                Olivernaukuu
                                                                                                Talking boy by Heikki Siltala

O Seinajoella               Onayttelyssa
Photo: Heikki Siltala                                                                 Photo: Heikki Siltala       

Onassu3  Oliver 1 year 11 months

Oliver 2 years 2 moths old


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