Mars and Silvia from serie of Romulus and Remus

Romulus ja Remus, kuvakudossarjan osa 1: Mars ja Silvia


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2014 June

Finally hanging on my wall.


2014 May 29

Veawing of the image is done finally. I still got to veawe 2cm hem.

kesäkuu 2014
2014 May 1

toukokuu 2014

2014 April 1

huhtikuu 2014

2014 March 1

maaliskuu 2014

2014 February 1

helmikuu 2014

2014 January 1

This is the third picture of daddy's little helper. Now two and half years old. It has really taken long time to weave this.
elias kutoo

Lots of work again and some thread problems.
First, it was already third hue of wool, i needed, which was not made anymore. Luckily I got one skein from the factory. It was not sold anymore in shops.
Next, I ordered Kreinik braid for the halberd from Julies X-stitch. I have silver as a light color and I need a darker metal hue. First color was ended, but after few emails I ordered pewter hue.

2014 tammikuu

Weaving is not technically difficult now, but it is very hard to see from the cartoon, where the hue is changing in to another.

2013 December 1

joulukuu 2013
Quite much work done this month. You can also see how much there is still to do. Black lines in cartoon shows the left side of the tapestry.

2013 November 2

marraskuu 2013
Work is moved once again in the loom.
200cm is already done. 50 cm more to go.

2013 October 1

lokakuu 2013
I thought, that I have much less weftthreads hanging from the work compared to may. But I still have 109.

2013 September 1

syyskuu 2013
2013 August 1

elokuu 2013
2013 July 1

Sometimes it feels that you have not progressed at all, but it is good to see these pictures and see that it is not true.
2013 heinäkuu

2013 June 2

I have done now the detailed part of the cartoon. Propably weaving will be quicklier in future, in lack of smallest details.

I changed the iron bars for bigger, because the smaller 2x2cm bars were bending too much.

kesäkuu 2013

2013 May 1

toukokuu 2013
13th of April, I had 119 weftthreads hanging from the work, on 150cm width.

2013 Apr 1

huhtikuu 2013
2013 Mar 1

maalis 2013
2013 Feb 2

Last month weaving has been moved down.

helmikuu 2013
2013 Jan 1

2013 tammikuu

2012 Dec 1

Finally I have had time to weave.
I finished the head of Mars, which was the most difficult part I have even woven.
marsin pää

Soon the boots of Mars will be ready, and it seems to become a very beautiful part.

It would be very nice to have this finnished before next summer Coronation. But it looks too tight. I haven't had a finishing day so far, but now I am waiting that this should be woven atleast in next autums Kingdom University.
joulukuu 2012

I have measured where to cut the cartoon, since I have only 260cm long wall to hang tapestry.
This is new cartoon.
uusi suunnitelma

2012 Nov 3

Back in work. You can't see much progress yet. I show you a new room where I weave.

marraskuu 2012

I got a lateral epicondylitis in to my right elbow last summer. There are two big reasons: archery and weaving. I used to weave from morning to evening in weekends and I went shooting in breaks. Elbow is getting better slowly, but anyway, I do not have time to weave whole days anymore.

2012 Oct 1

No progress in this month. We moved in to a new home. 90 years old nice house, where we need to do a little work before I have time again to weave. I think I will have time again in end of this month.
An other thing is that it seems that I have to shorten work 40 cm. There is not three meter long, good enough wall, anywhere to hang it.

2012 Sep 2

2012 syyskuu

2012 July 31

elokuu 2012

On vacation I had few days, I wove really much. Normally I have woven 1-3 hours every day, but daddys little helper does not allow me to do it anymore. Elias is espesially interested in the bobbins. In September we will move in to a new house, where I hope I will have a place to weave in peace.
elias kutoo
2012 July 1

heinäkuu 2012

2012 June 2

june 2012

2012 May 2

I finally reach the face of Mars and so far half of the tapestry is done

toukokuu 2012

2012 April 9

It is not easy to find mistakes made by medieval weavers. However I have found two places where either the cartoon painter or the weaver has made a mistake. Both are in the gold decoration of Silvia's dress. There are no folds in the dress in those places, but still the decoration is not complete.

Here one piece of  a cross is missing

Here two crosses are joined together.

In cases like these, I wonder what kinds of discussions they might have had. "Should we fix it?" "Will the buyer notice if we didn't?"

2012 April 1

2012 april
2012 March 1

march 2012

The face of Silvia is ready. It is not as bad as I afraid, but it is possible that I will fix it a little when all the weaving is done. For the small details I used Mouline enbroidery thread, since there are more hues.
silvias face
2012 February 3

2012 february

2012 January 3

2012 january

2011 December 3

joulukuu 2011

2011 October 30

In this months update you can see what's under the loom. Including daddy's little helper 4 months old.
2011 november

2011 October 1

2011 october

I love these berries!

Bracelet of Silvia is made of gold, silver and silk threads.

2011 August 31

One year has passed since I begun this work. Estimate to the whole working time is still 2.5 years.
Today I bought four new skeins of wool. Three hues of blue and one for the skin colour.

september 2011

2011 August 3

 I managed to weave surprisingly much in last month.
1/3 of the work is woven in 11 months.
august 2011

I begun to use a metal thread in Silvias dress. And also a new technic where I jumped over two warps and weaved two threads in same direction. That makes a beautiful decoration quite easily.
detail 1

And I also got new great bobbins:

2011 July 1

Work goes on, even thou I think I have not spent as much time in front of it than normal. The July will be very slow. As you can see I have begun to use a new kind of bobbins. They make a work a little bit easier. New metal thread came, but I have not used it yet.
Otin käyttöön muoviset läpyskät joiden ympärille kiedon kudelangan. Nyt näiden pikkunippujen käsittely on paljon helpompaa. Tulen vielä myöhemmin hankkimaan toisen mallisia ja laitan sitten tarkempia kuvia. Heinäkuussa työ tulee tenemään hitaasti vaikka olenkin lomalla, sillä en todennäköisesti ole paljoa kotona.
July 2011

2011 June 2

I have been quite busy last weeks but still I have got good progress. I have woven first rows of gold in to the dress and I have also ordered a new, thinner, metalthread. I will use later Kreinik Japan thread width 12, color 002J. The old thread is width 16.
Päätin kuitenkin kutoa heti ne osuudet kultalangalla, jotka onnistuvat helposti. Lisäksi tilasin uutta hieman ohuempaa Kreinikin kultalankaa. Nykyinen on hieman haasteellista pakottaa loimilankojen väliin.

2011 May 1

I have looked the detail of the Rhea Silvias dress and I am very much convinced that the gold decoration of the dress is embroidered in to the weaving. As you see the red vertical weft lines are not similar in the golden areas. In the dark red area the gold stiches are even diagonal. I think there are also shadows in the middle of the picture, which mean that gold must be higher from the weft surface.

I asked confirmatiion to my thoughts from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna and I got the kind answer. "There is no embroidery in the tapestry."

However, after a long thinking I have decided to enbroider the gold decoration myself. It will make the weaving much quicklier and in a real persons dress that decoration would have been embroidered.

gold detaul of dress

May 2011

2011 April 2

25% of the work is done



2011 February 28



I have six warps per cm.

When width of the weft variates much, it is sometimes difficult to keep weave even.

Työssä on 6 loimilankaa/cm, joka on niin suuri määrä että langan koon vaihteleminen voi aiheuttaa ongelmia.

Kuvassa esimerkki langan halkaisijan vaihtelusta. Pahimmissa paikoissa katkon nukkautuneet pätkät kudelangasta pois.

2011 February 1

2011 January 2


I have strenghtened the loom with two corner iron bars, because the up and down wooden bars has both been bending.

That solved most of the problem.

Kangaspuihin kohdistuu erittäin suuri rasitus koska loimilangat on pidettävä niin tiukalla kuin mahdollista. Olen työnaloittamisen jälkeen vahvistanut niin ylä- kuin alapoikkipuut kulmaraudalla, sekä vahvistanut päätyjä tukipuilla ettei rakenne kierry.



Weaving speed look still like two and half years and I know that there will be something to slow the the speed after 11 months of work.

Kudontavauhti ennustaa että koko työhön menee 2-2.5 vuotta.


2010 October 26



Here is my loom and what I have woven in 8 weeks. With the same weaving speed it will take totally 126 weeks to finnish the work.

I have tried to find techniques to increase speed, but I think that those do not make big difference. Still they make it mentally easier to weave. The bird has been quite difficult, but soon it is done.

I will reach the optimal weaving level in few weeks.


I think I might have a little too many warps/cm, but I can manage the problems it has caused to me.

Työ 8 viikon kutomisen jälkeen. Mallikuva on kiinnitetty nuppi- ja hakaneuloin kuteen taakse.

Optimaalinen kudontakorkeuteni on hyvin matala, jossa tuen kyynärpäitä reisiin istuessani.


Description of the work




Origin of the cartoon is a Tapestry 5.1 in book: La Tapisserie Flamande, Guy Delmarcel

Mallikuva on skannattu kirjasta: La Tapisserie Flamande, Guy Delmarcel. Kuvakudos 5.1


Tapestry woven in the Brussel, in Atelier de Francois Geubels 1560. Wool, silk, gold- and silver thread. Size 355x410 cm. Original work is nowadays in Wien, Kunsthistoriches Museum.


 Cartoon size 150x300 cm, detail from the center.

 I scanned the picture from the book in 1200 dpi. There were also a detail from the center with a better resolution and these scans I attached.

Mallikuva koostuu kahdesta osasta. Kuvan reunat ovat isosta kokonaiskuvasta ja keskusta detaljista. Kuvan keskiosa on siis tarkempi ja siinä voi nähdä tarkalleen alkuperäisten varjostusten pituudet.


I printed the picture in scale 1:1 in to the fabric. Price of the print was 150 euros.

Kuva on painettu muovikankaalle koossa 150x300 cm



full tapestry





Linen: Aivina 12/2

30 warps / 5 cm, Number of the warps in original tapestry is not mentioned.






Wool 125 tex x2, Nm 8/2 (pirkkalanka)

so far I have bought 15 new skeins and used maybe 10 old ones

Metal thread, Kreinik size 12 (tapestry)

Gold 002J

Silk-cotton 50%-50% 85 tex Nm 12/3

Blue in coat of Mars

Täydellinen käytettyjen värisävyjen lista lisätään myöhemmin. Määrä on ehkä hieman yli 30.

Olen päättänyt käyttää lähes pelkästään villaa. Kullattua lankaa ja silkkiä käytän päähenkilöiden asuihin.


Phases of work



Cartoon design.  Printing in Teippi-Z.

2010 August




2010 August.

I made 5 m long warps, twisting thread around the nails. Six times back and forth, makes 12 warps in one group.

Those were tied together and moved in to the loom and put around the wooden bar in the warp roller.


I arranged warp groups in their own 1 cm slots, marked with the nails and let them hang attached with clothes pegs.


When all the groups were ready I rolled warp in to the warp roller and put slice of newspaper between the layers in every round. I hope that will help to keep the warp tension even.


Then I tied the other ends of warps in to bar of the other roller. You can see the knot I used in the picture.


Then I started to weave with a white wool, which will be taken away when work is finished. The start will arrange warps in even distances from each others. After few ends I tightened all the warp threads again one by one and attached them again.