LATEST (Links to 2007 here):

22.12.2008 A juvenile Glaucous Gull at Tampere dump

20.12.2008 A juvenile Glaucous Gull at Nokia dump

20.11.2008 An adult Gull resembling Slaty-backed Gull in Lithuania

11.11.2008 Few 1st-winter Caspian Gulls and a possible hybrid + another one
at Rumbula, Latvia

1.11.2008 A 2cy Caspian Gull

29.10.2008 Gulls at Karanoja: a Caspian Gull and a presumed western LBBG

20.10.2008 Another Caspian Gull!

19.10.2008 A Caspian Gull

12.10.2008 Juvenile Baltic Gulls: Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish

11.10.2008 A presumed hybrid of Herring x Great Black-backed Gull?

5.10.2008 A 2cy fuscus (possible heuglini) and 4cy LBBG (graellsii- type).

24.9.2008 Possible juvenile western LBBG and an odd juv LBBG

16.9.2008 An adult hybrid Caspian x Herring Gull and possible hybrid juvenile Caspian x Herring Gull photographed in Lithuania.
Possible 1cy and 2cy YLGs at Rumbula dump, Latvia

2.9.2008 A 3cy Caspian Gull at Anjalankoski

30.8.2008 A leucistic juvenile GBBG

16.8.2008 1st-summer Audouin's Gull
Juvenile large Gull

18.6.2008 Just a few new 2cy: fuscus 11.6., 13.6. and 15.6.. Heuglini 13.6., 15.6.a, 15.6.b and 18.6. . 3cy heuglinis 15.6. and 18.6.

16.6.2008 Swinhoe's Snipe first for Finland!

10.6.2008 One more 2cyf

9.6.2008 No more 2cy heuglinis, but 2cy fuscus are arriving instead:
Birds 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

31.5.2008 A 2cy male Red-footed Falcon 3km from my home yard.

25.5.2008 2cy heuglini nr14

24.5.2008 More 2cy stuff: birds 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. A couple of subad: ordinary 3cy heuglini and more complicated moult. Darkgrey argentatus.
C10H fuscus as 1cy-2cy-3cy; just a fourth such a set.

20.5.2008 2cy heuglini nr 7 and a Norwegian Herring Gull.

19.5.2008 2cy heuglini 6.
Norwegian Baltic Gulls J599, J204 and metal.

12.5.2008 More 2cy heuglinis arrived: birds 4 and 5.

10.5.2008 Very poor season so far for 2cy Heuglin's Gulls; here bird 2 and 3.
An interesting eastern adult Gull 2005. Compere with these Finnish yellow-legged Gulls.
An older case 2004.

22.4.2008 3cy LBBG/Heuglin's Gulls: bird 1, 2 and 3
First 2cy Heuglin's Gull of the season 2008

17.4.2008 Possible 3cy Caspian Gull

15.4.2008 A very weird 1st-winter Herring Gull

7.4.2008 More grey LBBG stuff ('presumed heuglinis')

31.3.2008 An adult Lesser Black-backed Gull

2.3.2008 1st-winter Glaucous Gull and possible 2nd-winter Caspian Gull

19.1.2008 A darkgrey-backed Gull added