A hybrid Caspian Gull (L. cachinnans) x Herring Gull (L.argentatus)

5cy "Green 4P60" at Dumpiai, Klaipeda, Lithuania 10.9.2008. Foto: Hannu Koskinen
Ringed as hybrid pullus in Wloclavek, Kujawsko Pomorskie, Poland by Grzegorz Neubauer 9.5.2004.
Mother was a cachinnans and father argentatus.

4P60 was read as a 1cy cachinnans in October at Konin dump, Poland.
As a 1st-summer it was seen in UK by Dick Newell.

Larus cachinnans
An adult male Caspian Gull L. cachinnans to compare with the hybrid.
10.9.2008 Dumpiai, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Foto: Hannu Koskinen

Larus cachinnans
Larus cachinnans