Pieni sivuprojekti oli enlanninkielisen "X-ratedin" työstäminen. Tätä rustailtiin viikon verran numerojen kuusi ja seitsemän välillä. Asko Leinonen käänsi kokeeksi muutaman arvostelun, ja juttu hiipui siihen. Tulee mieleeni tarina Jules Vernestä, jonka kustantaja Jules Hetzel laittoi muokkaamaan ostamaansa käsikirjoitusta. Lopulta romaani piti julkaista muokkaajansa nimissä. Leinonenkin varmaan havaitsi joutuvansa tekemään koko urakan yksin - pelkkä kääntäminen ei olisi riittänyt.




 O: George Stegan


Another typically italian genre hybrid combining an action story with a sleazy sex shocker and while it does not generate any actual suspense or tension there’s no shortage of insane plot twists or engaging sleaze. The Film kicks off with a multiple rape and soon after a hooker gets stabbed in the crotch, addressed with the the words: “Next time I don’t pull it out, I’ll lift it”. Antonio Sabato plays a Character named paolo who gets bitten by a rat in a laboratory while fleeing from two rival mafia pons. The critter passes a deadly virus to Sabato and so a frantic search for a antibiotic begins. Rejulying in no-holds-barred violence as Sabato slashes, shoots and mauls his way through the expected mob hitmen, decieving girlfriends and other assorted lowlife. If you can overlook the fact the narrative is shabby and filled with implausibilities this is certainly refreshing enough to justify the rental.



d: Michel Caputo


Disgusted of seeing underage girls being lured into porno business the title avenger, played by former sex personality Brigitte Lahaie, starts to exact rough justice on the scum responsible. Considering the presence of Lahaie the film has a curiously (fake) anti-porn attitude. Naturally there’s an abundance of sleazy nude sequences and as it does not lack in violence department either it is reasonably entertaining and a touch above average.




d: Ross Hagen


A bounty hunter (John Saxon) plays an extended game of mice and mouse with a grossly overweight criminal mastermind. The fatso is armed with a vicious spiked boxing glove, handy in trashing a convertible, a entire apartment and a human skull. Sounds like a strong stuff but it isn’t – the action scenes are laughable, the dialog tired and the whole movie lumbers along like a sleepwalker.





1976. d: Bruno Mattei


Forget about Ed Wood, Russ Meyer and Peter Jackson. This is unbeliveable trash at its utmost. The Combination of the outrageously over-the-top acting, the awful dubbing and the incredibly tasteless way the replehendible subject matter is handled makes this a treat for the very jaded, something that is so vulgar that it makes all critical judgement irrelevant and so nasty that it slowly and horribly turns into a kind of camp farce. Pandering to the very slowest of male domination fantasies and nazi regalia fetishists this film wastes no oppurtunity and heaps relentless nudity, inept torture scenarios and inadvertent humour on the amazed viewer. In one especially halluciatonary sequence two completely nude women bring a dead man back to life by writhing on his naked frozen body. Recommended.




 d: Fernando di Leo.


After his Daughter is kidnapped a powerful mafioso (Henry Silva) goes on rampage in this enjoyable 70’s italian epic offering a relentless succession of shootouts and slaughter. There is a twist of sorts at the end and the abducted nymphette is shown conducting a non- stop orgy with her captors. Recommended for fans of the genre.



d: Ernst R. Von Theumer.


Luscious models are flown into some south american jungle location for a fashion shoot, only to be immediately captured by a drug baron (Paul L. Smith). The girlies are presented to his sadistic sister (Sybil Danning herself) who subjects them to a severe 10-minute abuse extravaganza. Deciding enough is enough, the models blast out of the situation and the rest of the movie serves up a furious megamix of explosions, crashes, chases, massacres and gunfire. John Vernon is torn to shreos by helicopter rotors and sybil Danning simbly  and concisely explodes. Faster and trashier than you’d expect and with the right amount of (apparentily intentional) humour this one is pretty hard to resist.


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