Bulldobas No Regrets

    Bulldobas No Regrets 'Timon'

    red&white male, born 12th Dec'05
    sire: Woodella Front Page News
    dam: Fi CH Bulldobas Kito Kibibi
    breeder Tiina Taavitsainen


More about Timon

  • Timon is our darling little man! The sweetest basenji boy. After he came to us we all have totally fallen in love with him. Little rascal...that’s what he is. You should see when he steals one of our kids toys and escapes the screaming kids behind him, you just have to laugh - or not ;) When to think about his looks I feel very happy to say that he is so much the type I love. He is of an excellent size and has the most beautiful head with dark almond shaped eyes with tons of pigment. His ears are small. He is short in body and has a very good tail and set. His movement is just beautiful. No wonder he has been one of the most winning puppies 2006! Hope the same success will follow him in adult classes than he already had as a puppy! Updated Mar'08: Timon surely has fullfilled our dreams of not only being a great pet and to have an excellent temperament, but to keep on winning ways also at shows. He is 2 years now and we are more than pleased with his offspring out of 2 litters. Timon will still be the darling little man to us :-) Timon's show career has been very successful: year 2008 he was runner up-male in Finland and 2009 he got a crown of the most winning male!!

    - 4th winning puppy 2006
    - 6th winning male 2007
    - 2nd winning male 2008
    - The basenji male of the year 2009 in Finland!!
    - BOB-puppy at Finnish Sighthound Club Specialty 2006
    - Runner up dog (BD-2) at the Finnish Basenji Club Specialty Show 2008
    - Best of Breed and Estonian Winner '09 at Estonian Winner Show 2009
    - 16 x BOB, 10 x BOS, 9 x BOB-veteran
    - BEST IN SHOW 3 AND BEST IN SHOW 3 VETERAN at Juva National All Breed show July 2014
    - BEST IN SHOW 3 VETERAN at Saarijärvi National All Breed show July 2014
    - BIS-2 veteran at Kajaani International show 2014
    - BOB-veteran and 4th best male at the Finnish Winner show 2014
    - 4 x Placed in Group
    - 19 x CACIB ,6 x ResCACIB, 11 x CC , 4 x ResCC
    - 2 x BOB-puppy, 1 x BOS-puppy
    - 3 x CC, 8 x CQ from lure coursing
    - The lure coursing champion of Pohjois-Savo kennel district 2007 and 2008
    - Silver medalist of the Finnish Championship of lure coursing 2008 and 2009
    - Top Basenji male lure courser year 2008!
    - Number 1 lure courser of the local kennel district all breeds 2008

    - thyroidtested with with great results and negative TGAA (March'07 and Mar '09)
    - eye-screened totally clear in May '07, Apr '09 and Jan ´12
    - striptested negative for sugar in urine latest Aug 2009
    - tested as probably carrier of fanconi syndrome
    - Hipscored B/B (Nov '07)


    Proud sire of:
    - Bulldobas B-litter 3+1 (30 Nov'07)
    - Solebas A-litter 2+2 (13 Dec '07)
    - Hi-Lite H-litter 3+1 (11 Dec '10)
    - Yulara Q-litter 4+0 (01 Jan '11)
    - Hanishan W-litter 3+2 (November '12)