Hi-Lite Hot Rod

  • BIS FI EE CH HE JW-11 Hi-Lite Hot Rod 'Rocky'

    red&white male, born 11th Dec'10
    sire: C.I.B. NORDIC FI RU NO SE EE CH RKFW-07 ESTW-09 Bulldobas No Regrets
    dam: C.I.B. FI NO EE CH ESTJW-09 Bulldobas Crown Jewel
    bred by us
    owner Laura Loisa


More about Rocky

  • Rocky was born here with his 2 brothers and a sister and the pick of the litter boy could have been any of them. But in the end the decision had to made and it was Rocky. He is a very sweet tempered, elegant boy with a beautiful head piece. He got a wonderful home at Laura's and we are are so pleased with your work with him, Laura! Needles to say this gorgeous boy will be seen in the rings as he grows up a bit.
    A little update in Dec' 2012... Rocky has been almost unbeatable since he hit the showrings!! Eg. year 2012 he went to 19 shows in Finland and was placed among 4 best males every time gaining 15 ccs and 4 res-ccs being naturally the most winning male :))

    - The most winning puppy in Finland 2011!!
    - The most winning basenji male in Finland 2012!!
    - BOS with cc at the Finnish Sighthound Specialty 2011 at the age of just 9 months!
    - BOS with cc at the Finnish Sighthound Specialty 2012
    - BOB at the Finnish Sighthound Specialty 2013!
    - Helsinki Junior Winner 2011 and 4th best male (out of 16 males)
    - 4th best male with res-cc at the Finnish Basenji Specialty 2012 under breeder judge Christian Jouanchicot
    - 3rd best male at the Finnish Basenjis Specialty 2013 under breeder judge Leila Kärkäs
    - Group-2 in May 2012 at Lahti show
    - Group-3 in August 2012 at Tervakoski Int show
    - Group-3 in August 2013 at Iisalmi Int show
    - Group-4 in October 2013 at Lahti Int show
    - Best In Show at Korpilahti show 2013
    - 10 x BOB, 4 x BOS, 16 x CC, 6 x res-cc, 5 x cacib, 8 x res-cacib, 1 x BOS-junior, 2 x jun-cc
    - Finnish Basenji Specialty 2011: winner of minor male puppy class out of 9 with HP
    - 3 x BOB-puppy, 2 x BOS-puppy, 6 x HP, from all puppy class shows!

    - fanconi tested propably clear
    - eyes tested totally clear Mar' 12
    - Hips A/A and elbows 0/0
    - thyroid tested normal Sep'12 - full panel


    Proud sire of:
    - Touch Of Razz litter 4+3 (born Nov'12) in Sweden
    - Sternhimmels litter of 3+4 (born Jan'13)