Hi-Lite Hula Hoops

  • CIB* NORD & FI & NO & SE CH EE JCH FI JW-11 FI W-12 Hi-Lite Hula Hoops 'Hertta'

    red&white female, born 11th Dec'10
    sire: C.I.B. NORDIC FI RU NO SE EE CH RKFW-07 ESTW-09 Bulldobas No Regrets
    dam: C.I.B. FI NO EE CH ESTJW-09 Bulldobas Crown Jewel
    bred by us
    owner Mari Rihkajärvi


More about Hertta

  • Hertta is the only girl in the litter. She is the most funniest and happiest gal ever and barooing constantly :-) She is very pretty with the most darkest face! We are most pleased with her and grateful to her co-owner Mari (and the family) for offering her such a loving and caring home - thank you! Hertta will naturally be seen in show rings later on... Stay tuned!
    Update Dec' 2012! Hertta has been a little show pony so far! After she learned how to gait in the ring, she has been just wonderful ;)
    She won Finnish Junior Winner title and a year after she was the best bitch with title Finnish Winner!! We are more than proud of this haaaapppppyyy and stunningly moving girl :)

    - International champion at only about 2,5 years of age!
    - 2nd best bitch year 2012 in Finland!!
    - Finnish Junior winner 2011
    - 2 x BOB, 13 x BOS, 11 x cacib, 5 x res-cacib, 10 x cc, 3 x res-cc, 2 x cc from Norway, 1 x BOB-junior, 2 x BOS-junior, 3 x jun-cc from Estonia
    - 3 x BOB-puppy, 1 x BOS-puppy, 5 x HP
    - RES-WW and res-cacib at WDS in Helsinki 2014!!
    - Best Bitch at Finnish Winner show 2012!
    - 4th best bitch with res-cc at Finnish Specialty 2012 under breeder judge Christian Jouanchicot
    - 4th best bitch at Finnish Specialty 2013 under breeder judge Leila Kärkäs
    - Champion from the first possible show at the age of 25 months!
    - 3 x cc from Lure coursing out of 4 races with 2 wins!

    - fanconi tested propably clear
    - eye-screened totally clear in Jan '12
    - thyroid tested normal Feb ´13
    - Proud mom of Hi-Lite C-litter born 8th Dec' 2013