Turkmen Stam Faruk

  • FI CH FINW-10 FINJW-10 HEW-12 NORDW-13 HEW-14
    Turkmen Stam Faruk 'Faruk'

    white-brown Central Asian Ovcharka male, born 18th Feb'10
    sire: Se CH Turkmen-Kala Ravshan
    dam: Se CH Turkmen-Kala Singil
    breeders Svetlana & Jorma Kamila


More about Faruk

  • This one is definately not a Basenji... Still a longtime dream of Janne - very handsome and outgoing "little" CAO boy! After our beloved Boxers Arttu and Bruno passed away, Janne always thought there is a place for a BIG dog in the household and mostly in his heart... So, here we go! Faruk has been such a positive surprise, he is very sweet and playful puppy and everyone that has seen him adore him :-) When he is old enough he will go through health testing and we will be seeing him also in the show rings.

    - Finnish Mental Test approved April 2013 with +176 points > new Champion!
    - 2 x BOB-puppy
    - 12 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 11 x CC, 6 x CACIB, 4 x BOB-junior
    - BIS-puppy at the Finnish club for guardian shepheard dogs 2010
    - BOB at the Finnish Winner Show 2010 at the age of 9 months!
    - BIS-4 at Royal Canin Junior Competition at Kajaani int Jan'11
    - BOS at the Helsinki Winner Show 2012
    - BOB at the Nordic Winner show in Helsinki 2013

    - 74,5 cm at 15 months of age
    - Correct bite with all teeth
    - Hips A/A
    - Elbows 0/0