About Us

Welcome to our homepages!

The persons behind these beautiful basenjis are us, Hansu and Janne, a couple living in middle Finland, city named Kuopio. Our family consists of me, my husband Janne and our children Juuso -01 and Viivi -04. We live in a nice house in the suburb area, one might even say in the countryside.

At the moment we have four dogs living in our household; basenjis Tuuli, Timon, Maisa and CAO male Faruk. The dogs and our beautiful kids are pretty much the hobbies we have at the moment. But what wonderful hobbies they are :) The dogs take us every now and then to match shows, official shows, lure coursing and of course daily walks. Keeping us busy, but it is the way we choose to live.

I have always been into animals, any kind of. As a child my family used to have horses, a cat, a rabbit, mice and fish as pets. The first dog I had was a pretty papillon male Millan Marke. As my first dog he is the one that really put me into dog shows and showing them. Even though he wasn't much of a show dog, not in looks nor temper, the spark in me was lit! Ever since I have known that dogs will be a part of my life.

Growing up I met Janne and luckily he liked dogs also. After finishing my school and started working it was time to get our first dog together, Arttu the great boxer, also know as HK1 Wanita's Goldstern. He has been an absolute thrill to own, still full of energy and healthy for his whole life. In his earlier days he used to be the greatest work dog and I used to compete in Search Trials with him. But since he only had one testicle we could't take him to shows. That's why we had another boxer a year after, a male called Bruno, Fin Ch BH HK1 Wanita's Peer Gynt. He was the most wonderful boxer one can ever have. A strong and beautiful male with excellent temperament. Janne was competing with him and we both showed him in shows and he easily gained his Ch-title. Sadly we had to put him asleep at only six years of age after a long struggle with his health. That was one of the most horrible days of our lives and I decided that my next breed will be a bit healthier. Hmmmm..... a basenji?

I had seen pictures in dog magazines of this very beautiful basenji bitch that I absolutely adored. She was so pretty! It turned out to be that she was Borasus Juel of the Sun, Pippa. I started reading everything I could about this breed, visiting web sites and finally, perhaps a year 1999, I finally contacted Tiina Taavitsainen of Bulldobas Basenjis. Since then we have become dear friends and I owe her a lot, we both do. I told her that one day I want to have a basenji. And finally year 2004 we made a decision that now the time is right. It turned out to be that Tiina was importing a bitch puppy from Australia and it was all it took. That is how we got miss Tuuli, Fin & Est Ch Afrikenji Hot Sumabreeze. I think she is amazing! She is so pretty and lovely in temper, a real joy to own and to live with! Besides Tiina I want to thank Helen and David Veless, the breeders of Tuuli, for her and for their friendship.

It took only some year more that we had an idea of having another basenji in the house, why not? We had enough room in the house and kids were growing (already 4 and 1 yrs – ha ha), it will be easy, right? And after Timon, Bulldobas No Regrets, came to us 2006 one really can say it has been easy. How cute can a basenji boy get?

Year 2008 gave a new member to our family, beautiful babygirl of our Tuuli, lovely Maisa aka Bulldobas Crown Jewel. She has been a great addition to our pack!

Year 2010 Janne's long-time dream came true when a beautiful Central Asian Ovcharka (CAO) male Faruk aka Turkmen Stam Faruk moved to us. He is a big boy with lovely temperament, and he has already been shown with great wins in the ring.

During the years with our basenjis, we started to dream of our own breeding and entered a course for beginning breeders. Early 2009 we finally received an affix Hi-Lite. Beautiful Maisa (Multi Ch Bulldobas Crown Jewel) is our foundation bitch. By 2013 (March) we have bred 4 litters.

Our aim is to breed seldomly healthy and beautiful basenjis with breed like temperements, dogs that are wonderful pets in right homes. Our basenjis are also suitable for different kinds of hobbies, e.g. dog shows and sighthound racing such as lure coursing and track racing. Actually we would be more than pleased if a puppy from us would get a chance to an active home!

If you ever feel like wanting to ask something about the breed, our dogs or the future puppy plans, we are more than happy to answer you.

I hope this all will continue as well as it has started, with our dogs and wonderful friends we have made, for a long time.

- Hansu