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Website designed, made, and updated by Laila Hokkanen:
  • made the pages (HTML) in Arachnophilia 4.0.

  • made the buttons, headings, and backgrounds in Xara Webstyle 1.2 and Photoshop Elements.

  • enhanced the photos for web and made own drawings in Photoshop Elements. All own photos and drawings are © Laila Hokkanen.

  • drew the Logo of the Dusilla Whippets with the mouse in Photoshop Elements. This Logo is © Laila Hokkanen

  • made the Dusilla Awards graphics in Photoshop Elements using photos (© Laila Hokkanen) of Carmodey Tomorrow at Dusilla. These Award graphics are © Laila Hokkanen.

All photos are either my own or from the Hokkanen family album, or used with permission from websites of Lena and Peter Hjalmarsson (Carmodey Whippets) and Mr. Stephen McMorrow (Marchpast Whippets). When not from these sources, the photos are also used with permission, and the source and/or the photographers name has been stated.

The copyrights of the Award graphics on the Awards Won pages belong to the Award givers. All Award graphics are initially linked back to the Award giving websites. When in later checks a link to the website can't be found, the Award will be shown as an image only.

Thomas Anders Fans

The logo of the Pinwand für Thomas Anders-Fans on the Links Page used with permission.

Finnish Whippet Club

The logo of the Finnish Whippet Club on the Links Page used with permission.

the Finnish Flag and Coat of Arms
Finlandia Foundation®

The Finnish Flag and Coat of Arms as well as the logo of the Finlandia Foundation® on the Links Page are from the website of the Finlandia Foundation® and used with their permission.

Whippets: Born to Run

The logo of Whippets: Born to Run on the Links page used with the permission of Miles Kurland.

© All contents are copyrighted by their copyright holders.


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