4.12.2011 Helsinki int. Finnish Winner Show - Judge Rafael de Santiago, Puerto Rico


Dixie Sound Dear Heather BB 3, CC, JW-11
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa & Tove Olin & Petri Nieminen

"Hertta" 9 months in her first official show
photos Miira Ikonen

3.12.2011 Vuolasvirta award ceremony


Kennel Dixie Sound was awarded by the Finnish Kennel Club with Vuolasvirta award no 806 for the breeding of welsh terriers.

12.11.2011 Helsinki puppyshow - Judge Saija Juutilainen

BOB Dixie Sound Dear Heather
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa & Tove Olin
& Petri Nieminen

Dixie Sound Dear Heather "Hertta" 8 months

photo Maija Varis

6.11.2011 Tarto int, Estonia - Judge Arne Foss, Norway

BOB, CACIB, CC => EE CH Dixie Sound Gem
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa

30.10.2011 Lahti puppy show -Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

BM2, HP Dixie Sound Jazz Police
Owner Eira Nieminen-Halli

Dixie Sound Jazz Police, 8 months

photo Emma Hall

23.10.2011 Lohja Puppy Cup puppyshow - Judge Elena Ruskovaara


BOB Dixie Sound Dear Heather
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa & Tove Olin
& Petri Nieminen

photo Petri Nieminen

Greetings from Minni

  The happiest girl this fall, Dixie Sound Suzanne "Minni" 8 months.

photo Mikko Hietala

High Flyer's Rhapsody "Kuutti" 13,5 years

Kuutti relaxing and resting while waiting for her dinner.


1.10.2011 Tuulos FCI 3, Group Show - Judge Mats Lindborg, Sweden


Dixie Sound Jazz Police
BOB Puppy
owner Eira Nieminen-Halli

Congratulations Reni and his handler Emma


18.9.2011 Lohja Puppy Cup puppy show - Judge Marjo Nygård


Dixie Sound Dear Heather
  BOB Puppy
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa & Tove Olin & Petri Nieminen

28.8.2011 Tervakoski Int - Judge Marja Salminen


Dixie Sound Gem BB2, Reserve-CACIB, CAC => FI CH

owner Irmeli Salasmaa

Our newest champion Naksu

photo Maija Varis

27.8.2011 Terri-Eri, Finnish Terrier Association's Main Speciality Show - Judge Falk Siewert, Germany


Dixie Sound Dear Heather  BOS puppy
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa & Tove Olin & Petri Nieminen

Dixie Sound Gem BB2, reserve CAC
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa

Dixie Sound Dear Heather

photo Petri Nieminen

20.8.2011 Welsh Day, unofficial club show - Judge Jan Albers, Netherlands

Dixie Sound Jazz Police
Owner Eira  Halli
Dixie Sound Dear Heather BOS puppy, BBP1
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa &Tove Olin & Petri Nieminen
Dixie Sound Gem BB2, OPEN1
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa
Dixie Sound Gift CH2
Owner Riikka Korvenoja
Dixie Sound kennel BOB Breeder's Class, BIS Breeder's Class

Dixie Sound Dear Heather 6 months
Hertta's first steps in the show ring

Markku Peittola

The "little man" was also there.
Dixie Sound Jazz Police, Reni months.

Markku Peittola

Dixie Sound Gem

photo  Marika Järvinen

Dixie Sound BIS Breeder's Class. Dogs: Gift, Gem & Dear Heather

Markku Peittola

19.6. 2011 Kotka Int - Judge Frank Kane, UK

Dixie Sound Gem BOS, CACIB, CAC
Owner Irmeli Salasmaa

Waltteri's agilty results from this spring

Dixie Sound Money Flow "Waltteri" (owner Terhi Kaitila) has competed on agility-tracks this spring with pretty good results.

  • 22.4. Hyvinkää, med3 0/6th place

  • 8.5. Helsinki 0/5th place

  • 22.5. Mikkeli 0/4th place

  • 28.5. Helsinki 0/13th place

  • 29.5. Salo 0/1st place => Qualified for entering Finnish Championships and try-outs for the national team in 2011. Congratulations and good luck for the upcoming competitions Terhi and Waltteri!

Milli´s puppies 8 weeks

photo Sari Mäkelä


Have a bright future in your new homes Minni and Reni!

photo Sari Mäkelä

The lovely miss Hertta is still looking for a home.

Congratulations Ryder!

The sire of the newest Dixie Sound-litter, ch Shaireab Bayleigh Ticket to Ride has finished second in the Show Dog of the Year 2010 competition in Estonia. Congratulations on your success Ryder and owner Anu Keerd.

26.3.2011 Agility, Lieto

Dixie Sound Gift, om.Riikka Korvenoja
mini3 0/-4.21 4th place, mini3 0/-2.78 2nd place

Lulu has achieved the results needed for qualifying to the Finnish Championships 2011 already in March. Good work Riikka & Lulu!

Waltteri, The Agility-Welsh of the year!

Dixie Sound Money Flow "Waltteri"is the Agility-Welsh of the year 2010. Behind his success is his owner Terhi Kaitila - huge congratulations to both of you!

photo Sari Laamanen


Our old VIP ch. High Flyer's Rhapsody "Kuutti" turned 13 years in 14.3.2011.



Milli's puppies have arrived!

Dixie Sound Ginger "Milli" is the happy mother of one male puppy and two bitch puppies.



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