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Merry Christmas!!

23.12.2013 This year is about to end. May I wish you a Merry Christmas & lots of health, success & happiness to New Year 2014!!

Best of luck little ones!

7.12.2013 The M-litter pups have left to conquer & explore the world in their new loving homes. Best of luck, lots of love, health & happy moments to Hertta, Jaku, Nuppu & Paavo!! And huge thanks to Eveliina!

Pipsa's first show

6.12.2013 Claremark Keep Love Alive "Pipsa" had her very first show at Tampere group show. 48 cockers were entered & all together 7 junior bitches were entered in Pipsa's class. Judge was Ms. Tuula Savolainen (Finland). Pipsa got excellent & was placed second in her class. I'm very happy that my little girl started her show career so well!

Marta is now Pt JCH!

30.11.2013 Claremark Keep It Up "Marta" was shown at Santarem National dog show. I'm happy to say that she was BOS-JUN, won her last JCC and is now Pt JCH!! Congratulations Mario & Sonia!

Health results!

13.11.2013 Claremark King Of Kisses "Veikko" has B/B hips! Congratulations Maria & Veikko! And thank you again for being active!!

Safety first

12.11.2013 Remember to wear reflectors!! Muistakaa käyttää heijastinta!!

Health results!

12.11.2013 Claremark Just Say Yes "Raipe" has B/B hips! Congratulations & thank you for being active Merja & Linda!

Claremark King Of Kisses "Veikko" has also been hip scored yesterday. We shall wait for the Kennel Club's grade! Thank you Maria!

We have a new C.I.E.!!!

8.11.2013 Earlier this fall I realized that my Jenny had enough cacibs for the C.I.E. title (= International Show Champion)! So, I sent the application to Belgium and today we got mail from the FCI: C.I.B & FIN & LT & SI & HR CH ROJCH LTW-08 SCROJW-07 DDSJW-07 CLAREMARK BACK TO THE HILLS is now officially also C.I.E.!!! <3 I'm very happy for my gorgeous girl!!

Show success here and abroad!! We have a new C.I.B and 2 more new titles!!!

2.-3.11.2013 We had a short holiday in Estonia and showed our team in Tarto cacib shows We had a wonderful time though the weather was very wet and rainy. And what a successful trip we had!! 21 cockers were entered on both days from Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia. Here are our full results!


Judge: Mr. Fabian Daza, Columbia

Claremark Just For Fun "Jason" working class Exc./1st CQ BEST DOG CACIB CC BOS!!
FI Ch Haradwater My Valentine "Manny" champion class Exc./2nd CQ
Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent "Muzzy" veteran class Exc./1st CQ BOB-VET VET-CC -> EE VETCH!!
Ch Claremark Back To The Hills "Jenny" champion class Exc./1st CQ 4th BEST BITCH RES-CACIB


Judge: Ms. Elfriede Heidecker, Austria

Claremark Just For Fun "Jason" working class Exc./1st CQ 2nd BEST DOG RES-CACIB
FI Ch Haradwater My Valentine "Manny" champion class Exc./1st CQ BEST DOG CACIB CC BOB -> C.I.B. & EE CH!!!
Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent "Muzzy" veteran class Exc./2nd CQ
Ch Claremark Back To The Hills "Jenny" champion class Exc./1st CQ 2nd BEST BITCH RES-CACIB

I'm so, so happy, grateful and proud of my dogs!!! We got what we came for!!! 3 new titles and lots of happy moments! And this couldn't have been possible without great friends and support! So, therefore I wish to thank my dear friend Mariza for the great time in Estonia and professional handling help!! You're the best! And also warm thanks to other Finnish and foreign handlers for your kind help!

27.10.2013 Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent "Muzzy" was BOS-VET & 4th BEST DOG in Lahti cacib show!! A total of 49 cockers were shown and judge was Ms. Tatjana Urek from Slovenia. My sweet old man is in super condition and I love him to bits!! I wish I could keep him with me forever! .

We have puppies!

17.10.2013 Claremark Halo "Melinda" gave birth to 2+2 strong blue roan puppies. Read more on the puppy page.

Alice has been mated!

3.10.2013 Fi & Hr Ch Rancecraig My Fair Lady "Alice" has been mated to a gorgeous blue roan male! If you feel interested, please contact me for more information!

Fi & Hr Ch Rancecraig My Fair Lady "Alice" on astutettu upealla blue roan-uroksella!! Jos kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä, niin kerron lisää!

New Claremark champion!!!!!

29.9.2013 Claremark Just Friends "Phil" is now Ru Ch!!!! Congratulations Olga & Phil!! Lots of hugs to Murmansk!!!

Marta won her first title!!!

21.9.2013 Claremark Keep It Up "Marta" traveled from Portugal to Gibraltar Cacib Show and she was BOS-Jun and won her very first title: Gibraltar JCh!!!!! Warm congratulations to her owners Mario & Sonia in kennel Haradwater!!

Health test result

20.9.2013 Claremark King Of Kisses "Veikko" has healthy eyes!! Thanks for being active Maria!!

Puppy news!!!

16.9.2013 Claremark Halo "Melinda" has been mated and the ultra sound showed that puppies indeed are on the way :). The proud daddy is our Cz Ch Pavek's All right "Bert". The litter is due on week 42. Both parents have healthy eyes and hips, Bert's been PRA tested clear & FN tested normal and Melinda's mother is PRA & FN clear from parentage. If you feel interested in this lovely litter, please contact me.

New photo of Penny!

2.9.2013 I received this lovely photo of Pipsa's sister Penny (Claremark Karen Walker) from Sweden. She's looking wonderful!!!

Melinda enjoys in her new home!

28.8.2013 Claremark Halo "Melinda" gets lots of love and attention in her new home. And who wouldn't want to sleep in a gorgeous hand made designer bed like this?!

New picture of Marta!

21.8.2013 Claremark Keep It Up "Marta" is growing up nicely in Portugal! Thanks for sharing the photo Mario & Sonia!!

Bert was shown after a long time!

10.-11.8.2013 Cz Ch Pavek's All Right "Bert" was shown for the first time this weekend after changing his home. Eveliina took him to Joensuu cacib shows. Claremark Gubelin "Wanda" was also shown. Judge on Saturday was Mr. Laurent Heinesche from Luxemburg & on Sunday Mr. Smolic Nikola from Crostia. The results:

Cz Ch Pavek's All Right "Bert Exc/3rd. in champion class

Claremark Gubelin "Wanda" Exc./1st in open class

Cz Ch Pavek's All Right "Bert" Exc/2nd. CQ in champion class, 3rd best dog!!

Claremark Gubelin "Wanda" Exc./1st CQ in open class & unofficially 5th best bitch

Thank you Eveliina for handling our team!!! Much appreciated! Couldn't do this without you :).

Finnish handmade desings for your dogs!!

8.8.2013 My friend Eveliina has opened an online shop for high quality Finnish handmade knit garments! You can dress your dog for cold winter days with these unique designs or protect their coat before the show! Watch this page for new arrivals! You can also order a garment specially made for and fit Your dog! The page shall be also opened in English soon!!

Jason has been Pra tested

8.8.2013 Claremark Just For Fun "Jason" has been Pra tested as carrier.

Muzzy 9 years!!

3.8.2013 Happy Birthday my dear Muzzy!!!!! 9 years today! Love you to bits! I wish we have lots of happy years ahead of us!

Moira & Dana have found new homes!

2.8.2013 Happy news! Moira and Dana have found new loving homes. Thank you Eveliina, Sari, Milla and Sanna for opening your hearts for Melinda, Bert, Milla, Moira and Dana! Reija up in heaven knows for certain that her cockers are in the best of hands. THANK YOU! <3

Hot summer show in Helsinki

28.7.2013 We had a lovely day in Helsinki cacib show. Cockers were judged by Ms. Patsy Hollings from the UK. Our results:

Fi Ch Haradwater My Valentine "Manny" Exc./1. CQ in champion class, 3rd best dog
Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent "Muzzy" Exc./1. CQ in veteran class BOB-Vet

Fi & Hr Ch Rancecraig My Fair Lady "Alice" EXc./2, CQ in champion class

The weather was too hot for the dogs but we finished the day by relaxing by the sea shore in Helsinki and the dogs had such a great time running around on the beach and cliffs of the Dog Island (island meant just for dogs, a dog park). Thank you again my dear friend Mariza for helping around and showing Manny and being good company as always!!!

Moira & Dana are looking for new homes

22.7.2013 Claremark Blue Orchid "Moira" and Claremark Dashing Dana "Dana" are looking for new loving homes because their devoted, loving owner, my dearest friend Reija, passed away in December 2012. Girls, nearly 7 years both, have lived in a pack of 5 cockers and have been shown and both have had litters as well. Moira and Dana are looking for permanent, loving homes together or separately. If you feel interested, please contact me preferebly by phone because I'm not able to answer to emails in August.

Moira ja Dana etsivät uusia koteja omistajansa, rakkaan ystäväni Reijan, poismenon takia. Tytöt ovat kohta 7v. ja heitä on hoidettu ja rakastettu parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla, näyttelytetty ja molemmat tytöt ovat tehneet pennut. Moiralla on lisäksi vakuutus. Tytöt myydään yhdessä tai erikseen rakastaviin ja huolehtiviin koteihin loppuelämäksi. Jos kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä mielummin puhelimitse, koska en voi elokuussa lukea sähköposteja.

Lovely show debut for Eve & Nappi!!

5.5.2013 Claremark Kissing Machine "Nappi" won BOB & CC in his very first show in junior class in Tohmajärvi group show (15 entries)!! So proud of you Eve & Nappi!! Judge was Ms. Dubravka Reicher (Croatia).

Show news from Portugal

17.3.2013 Claremark Keep It Up "Marta" was BOB-puppy & BIG-2 PUPPY in international show in Caldas da rainha, Portugal! Warm congratulations to Mario & Sonia!! Keep it up ;).

Show debut!

10.3.2013 Claremark Kissing Machine "Nappi" was shown for the very first time in the puppy ring. He was BOB-puppy!! Congratulations Eveliina & Nappi! Alice, Muzzy & I are very proud of you!! :)

Planned matings

6.3.2013 This year we are planning to have 2 litters. First during the spring 2013 I'll be mating Claremark Halo "Melinda". Ch Claremark Back To The Hills "Jenny" will be mated for the last time in the fall. Both girls will be sired by gorgeous and healthy blue roans. If you feel interested, please contact me.

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