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End of the year

23 .12.2012 This year is about to come to an end. I wish to thank everyone for your support, help and friendship and wish you happiness, success and health to New Year 2013!

Show news from abroad!

2.12.2012 Claremark Just Friends "Phil" was shown in Murmansk Russia. He won cac, was BOB & finally BOG-2!!! Congratulations Olga!!! Jenny & Manny are proud of their son!

Claremark Keep It Up "Marta" was shown for the very first time in Santarem cacib show in Portugal. Judge was Ms. Dorota Witkowska from Poland. Marta was BOB-baby! Congratulations to Mario & Sonia! Kisses to sweet Marta!

Penny won again!

25.11.2012 Claremark Karen Walker "Penny" was shown at the Östergötland Kennel Club Puppy Show at Mölby Equestrian Centre. Judge was Mr. Nicklas Eriksson. Penny was BOB-puppy and later became BIG-4!!! Warm congratulations to Henrik & Penny!! I'm so very proud of you two! Keep up the good work!

Lovely news from Sweden!

10.-11.11.2012 Claremark Karen Walker "Penny" was shown for the first time after she had just turned 4 months 2 days earlier. Penny was 4th in the class of 6 on Saturday and BOS-puppy on Sunday at Malmö puppy show!!!! Judge was Ms. Kerstin Henriksson. The pups at the show were 4-12 months of age so Penny was the youngest and nevertheless won!! :)) Huge congrats to her lovely owner Henrik Johansson (Choc Ice kennel) and thank you for taking such good care of my little girl!!! <3

Muzzy again BOB-veteran!

10.11.2012 I showed Muzzy and Jason in Jyväskylä international show. 67 cockers were entered and judged by Mr. Petru Muntean from Romania. I'm so proud of my boys! We were in top quality company!!

Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent "Muzzy" BOB-VET 4th best dog!!
Claremark Just For Fun "Jason" exc/1st CQ in junior class of 7 dogs

Jedi puppy is looking for a new home

6.11.2012 Due to a change in his owners' situation Claremark Knight Of The Night "Jedi" is looking for a new loving home. Jedi is suitable for shows and hopefully the new ower is interested in dog shows. Please, contact me for more information.

Muzzy is veteran cocker #3 in Finland!!

1.11.2012 My dearest boy Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent "Muzzy" is veteran cocker #3 in Finland in 2012 in Finnish Spaniel Association's contest! Muzzy only turned 8 years in August so we had just 2 months to compete in the veteran rings. This is a fantastic result and we look forward to showing him the full year in 2013!!

Birthday wishes!

24.10.2012 Happy 8th birthday my A-darlings Eetu, Leevi, Milla & Osku and to Saga sister at the rainbow bridge as well! Monna mom up in heaven and of course I wish you a jolly day with lots of treats and activity! And a long, happy and healthy life!!

20.10.2012 Happy 6th Birthday D-sweeties Casper, Dana, Deppi, Jasu, Temo & Veeti!!! Run free and enjoy this day and plenty of more with health, joy and happiness!!

R.I.P. Claremark Cinnamon Girl "Cinna" :(

8.10.2012 I received awful news today. Claremark Cinnamon Girl "Cinna" (16.7.2008-8.10.2012) has been put to sleep due to becoming partly paralyzed. I remember this little girl very well and can't begin to tell how much she is missed. :((( Safe journey to the rainbow bridge little one ♥ ♥ We shall meet again one day ♥ Warm thoughts and lots of hugs to Cinna's devoted owner Satu Kamunen. Cinna couldn't have had a better home but she left us too soon :(((

Happy and sad news

14.9.2012 Claremark Gubelin "Wanda" had her due time to deliver puppies. However, the contractions didn't start normally and we were too late at the vet. Wanda had 9 lovely puppies but unfortunately due to the lack of contractions 8 of them (5 girl and 3 boys) died at the vet. :((((( Only 1 blue roan girl survived. She's doing well and is growing normally. Wanda is a wonderful mom! Even too good because the bottom of the puppy girl is turning red in all the licking. This lovely girl is looking for a co-owner near us. If you feel interested, please read more on the puppy page.

Bye bye Veikko & Nappi!

26.8.2012 K-litter puppies are now ready for their own homes. Today Nappi and Veikko left us. I wish them lots of happy moments, joy and health in their loving families! Alice and I will miss you until we meet again! :)

We have a new champion!!

29.7.2012 Cz Ch Pavek's All Right "Bert" was shown for the second tim in Finland at Pori international dog show. 38 cockers were shown and judged by Mr. Carlos Fernandez Renau from Spain. Bert was best dog, won cc and cacib and was BOS!!! This means that Bert is now Fi Ch and after the confirmation from FCI C.I.B.!!!! Hurray!! And a big thank you for his co-owner Reija and breeder Lenka!

Alice's pups have found their homes - except one

29.7.2012 All puppies have found their homes but one more girl is looking for a co-owner home near us. If you feel interested, please contact me.

Mating news!

13.7.2012 Claremark Gubelin "Wanda" has been mated to our latest import Cz Ch Pavek's All Right "Bert". Blue roan and possibly orange roan puppies are expected on week 37. If you feel interested visit the Puppies page and contact me.

Alice's puppies are born!

8.7.2012 Alice had a rough day giving birth to her very first litter. A big litter indeed. 6+3 puppies saw the daylight today during a big thunderstorm. Proud dad is my own boy Muzzy. Dog puppies are still available for reservations. Please, feel free to contact me and see more on the puppy page.


11.6.2012 Claremark Ghetto Gem "Roosa" has received a lovely litter of 3+4 blue roan pups sired by our proud daddy Cz Ch Pavek's All Right "Bert". Congratulations Jasmine and Roosa! Read more on the Kraftmaster homepage!!

Warm summer day shows in Joensuu - son and dad won!!

26.-27.5.2012 After grooming and washing my doggies the whole day on Friday we had a long waited and relaxing weekend in Joensuu! On Saturday we showed Jason, Muzzy and Manny in an all breed cc show where cockers (36) were judged by Mr. Lokodi Zsolt from Romania. On Sunday we showed the same gang in a cacib show in which our judge was a cocker specialist Ms. Maria-Luise Doppelreiter from Austria (38 cockers). I'm still on cloud nine because of the results we had:

Claremark Just For Fun Exc./1st in junior class, CQ, best dog, CC, BOS!!!!
Fi Ch Haradwater My Valentine Exc./1st in working class, CQ
Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent Exc/2nd in champion class, CQ

Claremark Just For Fun Exc./1st in junior class, CQ, RCC (5th best dog)
Fi Ch Haradwater My Valentine Exc./1st in working class, CQ, best dog, cacib, BOB BIG-4!!!!!
Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent Exc/1st in champion class, CQ, 4th best dog

My warm thanks firstly to Mariza for your kind help and support every time! And also to Elena and Hanna for giving a hand at the time of need! And for everyone who kindly congratulated us outside the ring on both days and I had no time to talk to! And of course thank you Reeta and Jani! Next time at our place!

Phil continued his show career

19.5.2012 Claremark Just Friends "Phil" was shown in Murmans cac show. He won jcac, was BOB-junior and finally BIS2-junior!!! Well done Olga and Phil!!! A nice start in the big boys' ring!!

Jason's first official show

13.5.2012 My dear friend and I drove to Hamina cacib show to show my dogs. 40 cockers had been entered and were judged by Mr. Boris Spoljaric from Croatia. I'm especially proud of my little boy Jason who was the youngest in a big class of 8 juniors and was placed 4th!! Our results:

Claremark Just For Fun exc/4th in junior class
Fi Ch Haradwater My Valentine exc/1st CQ in working class, 4th best dog
Multi Ch Rancecraig Scottish Gent exc/2nd CQ in champion class

Health results

23.4.2012 Claremark cockers have been eye tested and hip scored.

Claremark Halo: hips B/B
Claremark Ginger Jim: clear eyes, hips C/D
Rancecraig My Fair Lady: clear eyes

We have a new champion!!!

15.4.2012 Haradwater My Valentine "Manny" was shown in Vaasa international dog show. 47 cockers were shown and the judge was Mr. Christian Geelmuyden from Norway, Manny won working class, was 3rd best dog, won his last cc and a r-cacib and is now FI CH!!!!!! :D

April Fool Day's show news!

1.4.2012 Claremark Just For Fun "Jason", my bitten boy was shown for the first time in Korpilahti group show. 3 puppies had been entered. Jason was BOS-puppy and I'm very proud of my rascal boy!

Happy news from abroad!

17.3.2012 Claremark Just Friends "Phil" was shown in Russia. He was BOB-puppy and BIS-3 Puppy!! Warm congratulations Olga and Phil!! Next time in the junior class!! :)

Health tests

2.3.2012 Rancecraig My Fair Lady "Alice" and Claremark Halo "Melinda" were eye tested today. Both have healthy eyes! Melinda was also hip scored. We shall now wait for the official hip score!

My Valentine is now 2 years old!

14.2.2012 Happy Birthday My sweet boy Manny!!! Haradwater My Valentine is now 2 years! Love you lots my funny boy!

Jason enjoying winter!

12.02.2012 Jason just loves snow and catching snow flakes! Have a lovely Sunday everyone!!

Phil's show year has started!

11.2.2012 I received lovely news from Olga from Murmansk. Claremark Just Friends "Phil" was shown for the first time in the puppy class and he was BOB puppy BIS-4 puppy on both days this weekend!! Warm congratulations Olga!! You make me so proud!

Health test results

10.2.2012 Claremark Ghetto Gem "Roosa" has been gene tested. Roosa is PRA carrier and FN clear. Thank you for being active Jasmine!! Cuddles for Roosa!!

Muzzy has puppies in kennel Triplet!

26.1.2012 Muzzy has 6+1 blue roan puppies at kennel Triplet with an Irish lady Lochdene Silver Belle. 3 boys are still available for loving homes. Please, contact Heli fron kennel Triplet for more information.

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