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Milla's pups have moved out

10.12.2006 Milla's pups have left to their new loving homes. Best to you little Dana, Veeti, Danny and Casper!! Let's keep in touch! :)

Make rop-vet ja pu4 Messarissa.Make best veteran 2006

9.12.2006 Winner-06, Helsinki. Cockers (83) were judged by Mr. Cristian Vantu from Romania. Make ended superbly a successfull show year and will be at least partly retired. Make, it was such an honour to share the feeling of the big ring in the Helsinki fair center with you for the first time!!!


Picture: Marianne Kukkonen

Eetu's and Leevi's frst show in Jyväskylä

18.11.2006 Jyväskylä international show. Cockers (56) were judged by mr. David Wong from Australia.

Muzzy 1st in working class
Monna got very good in open class

My own bred first-timer boys
Claremark Another Rumour got very good in open class and
Claremark Act A Fool was 3rd in open class!!

Well done! Thank you so much Jaana and Tarja!

Four puppies looking for good homes

14.11.2006 Four dog pups in Milla's litter are still free. Read more on the puppy page.

Make and Muzzy in Poland

12.11.2006 Make and Muzzy took part in the World Winner 2006 show. The sow was held in Poznan, Poland. Cocker dogs were judged by mr. Tamas Jakkel from Hungary. Altogether 255 cockers were entered. A very nice trip! Thank you everyone for the good company!

Muzzy 3rd in the working class
Make 2nd in the veteran class.

Seinäjoki.56 cockers at Seinäjoki

5.11.2006 Seinäjoki international show gatheret 56 cockers, which were judged by Mrs. Ritva Raita, Finland.

Muzzy 4th BEST DOG, res-cc.

A-litter's two-years birthday

24.10.2004 Happy birthday to 2-year-old a-pups Eetu, Milla, Leevi, Osku and Saga!

Iiris débuted in show ring

21.10.2006 Muzzy's daughter Jenlin Phii Phii "Iiris" attented her first show at Hyvinkää. There were 10 pups in her class and Iiris came 3rd with an honour prize! WELL DONE MERJA AND IIRIS!! :)

Milla's puppies were born

20.10.2006 Milla gave birth to 5+1 blue roan pups! Read more on the puppy page.

New puppies in Denmark

16.10.2006 Muzzy's girlfriend Backhill's Hidden Flower, Hilda, from Denmark gave birth to 2+2 blue roan pups late on the 14th Oct. Congratulations Karl and Hilda! More news on Kennel Iskama's homepage.

Pentue 2006.Puppies moved out

8.10.2006 The b-litter has moved to their new homes. Plenty of braveness, health and lots of happy moments with your new owners Moira, Figo, Sanni, Selma, Masi, Love and Jenny!

More Muzzy's babies

12.9.2006 Muzzy became a dad again! Travellers Bay Cinderella gave birth to 2+3 blue roan pups. Congratulations Virve!

Monna's puppies were born

19.8.2006 Puppies were born! Monna gave birth to 3+4 blue roans. All pups have found their future owners. More on the puppy page!

Milla has been mated

18.8.2006 Puppies are expexted on week 42.

Milla started her season

17.8.2006 Milla has started her season! More information about the future litter is available here.

Muzzy passed his field trial

12.8.2006 Muzzy passed his field trial successfully. Trial was held in Petäjävesi and judjed by Risto Janné.

Make received Int Ch title

4.8.2006 On 4th of August we got a very pleasant letter from FCI: Make got his Int Ch title! :) Excellent my dear old man! Super!

Happy birthday Muzzy

3.8.2006 Very happy birthday to my dear own little man Muzzy on his two-years anniversary! :-)

Monna's last show before maternity brake

16.7.2006 On the 16th of July we took part in an all bred cac show in Laukaa. The cockers (29) were admired by Mr. Markku Santamäki, Finland.

Muzzy 2ND BEST DOG, CC! Muzzy's 15th cc already!
Make BOB-VET BIS2-VET!!! Super grand old man!! Way to go!
Monna 3RD IN THE OPEN CLASS. Monna will now start her well deserved brake and gets ready for her pups.

Muzzy Savonlinnassa.14th cc on a 32 degree warm day!

9.7.2006 On the 9th of July we took part in an all breed cac show in Savonlinna.
Cockers (21) were judged by Mr. Jouko Leiviskä, Finland.



Helletunnelmissa Ylivieskassa.Sunshine in Ylivieska

1.7.2006 On the 1st of July Muzzy and Make competed in a very warm and sunny weather in an all breed cac show in Ylivieska. Mrs. Gitte Finnich-Pedersen was supposed to judge cockers but she had cancelled her judging duties on the previous day. So, the cockers (22) were then judged by Mrs. Lena Eskills, Finland.

Muzzy 1ST DOG CC, BOB!! 13th cac!
Happy birthday my dear, sweet Monna! Today 4 years :)

Picture: Kirsi Timonen

Summer trip to Tuuri

17.6.2006 On the 17th of June we spent our day in an all breed cac show in Tuuri. Cockers (29) were judged by Mr. Rune Fagerström, Finland

Make 2ND BEST DOG, BOS-VET!! Hurray my old man!
Muzzy 1st in the intermediate class
Monna 3rd in the open class

Monna mated

14.6.2006 14th of June 2006 Monna has been mated! Puppies are expected on week 33. More info on the puppy page.

Kaikkien rotujen näyttely Mäntässä. Kuva Jane Laaksosen.BOB, BIG4, BOS, 2 CACS and the best particolour

5.6.2006 On Sunday the 4th of June we took part in an all breed cac show in Mänttä. Cockers (11) were judged by Mrs. Teija Poikolainen-Däuber. Finland.

Picture: Jane Laaksosen

Muzzy BOB CAC & BIG4! :) My wee rascal made me really happy after a really busy weekend :)
Monna BOS CAC!! Way to go little lady! :)
Milla 1st in the intermediate class!

Our shows continued in the annual cocker speciality in Kellokoskki on the 3rd of June. 178 cockers were entered and dogs were judged by Mrs. Sandy Platt and bitches by Mrs. Lesley Spencer, UK.

Muzzy 3rd in the interdeiate class and among the 7 best dogs in the show!
Monna received "very good" and wasn't placed in the open class
Milla also got "very good" in the intermediate class

3 cac's in 4 days

29.5.2006 Our Shows continued with a gang of three in all breed cac shows in Joensuu. On Sunday cockers (15) were judged by mr. Gert Christensen, Denmark.

Muzzy 3RD BEST DOG & CAC! 11th cac for Muzzy boy!

On Saturday cockers were judged by a belgian judge mr. Theo Leenen.

Muzzy 4TH BEST DOG & CAC!! This was Muzzy's 10th cac!
Make 2ND BEST DOG, BOB-VET!! Grand old man showed again what marvelous old men are made of!

On the 25th of May we were in Jämsänkoski in a group show with Muzzy.
Cockers (19) were judged by mrs. Natalja Nekrosiene. Latvia. The result of the wonderful day was: 2ND BEST DOG & CAC! Way to go little fellow!

Show weekend with Muzzy

23.5.2006 The show weekend continued with the international cacib show in Helsinki.
11 cockers were entered and they were judged by mrs. Leila Kärkäs from Finland. Muzzy again won the intermediate class and then was the 2nd best dog receiving a res-cacib and a res-cac!

On the 20th of May we were in a small group show with Muzzy. Cockers (10) were judged by mrs. Paula Rekiranta from Finland. Muzzy won the intermediate class and was the 3rd best dog!

Sad news

18.5.2006 Ada's tiny dog puppy has unfortunately left us. Little Muzzy flies now with angels...

Kuva Merja Harjula.Muzzy became a father again

16.5.2005 Muzzy became a father again, when beautiful Ada, Fin Ch Jenlin Blue Avenue gave birth to 0+5 pups. My warmest congratulations to Merja and Ada! Click here to get to Jenlin's site.

Picture: Merja Harjula.

Puppies for Muzzy and Pipsa

4.5.2006 Muzzy's bride Pipsa, Goldbird's Avalanche, gave last night birth to 3+3 puppies. Warmest congratulations to Anita ja Pipsa! Click here to get to Boogie's website.

Muzzy Vaasassa.Muzzy won his 8th cac

4.5.2006 Vaasa national cac show on the 30th of April. 38 cockers, judge mr Gerry Hickey, Ireland

LVW-06 NordJW-05 Rancecraig Scottish Gent 1st in the intermediate class, 2nd best dog and cac!! Muzzy won his 8th cac!!

LVW-06 BaltJW-03 Rancecraig Clare Of The Moon 4th in the open class

Fin&Est Ch Lecibsin Mark Wellsson Bob-vet!! Well done old lad! You certainly made our celebration of spring a superb one!

Success continues in Lahti

25.4.2006 Lahti international cacib show on the 22nd of April. 57 cockers, judge mr Peter Beyersdorf, Germany

LVW-06 NordJW-05 Rancecraig Scottish Gent 2nd in the intermediate class

LVW-06 BaltJW-03 Rancecraig Clare Of The Moon 1st in the open class, the 3rd best bitch and res-cac! Well done my lady!!

Fin&Est Ch Lecibsin Mark Wellsson Bos-vet!

Riga 2006.The Latvian Winner 2006 in Riga

18.-19.3.2006 Our second show of the year was the Latvian Winner 2006 in Riga on the 18th-19th of March 2006. 16 cockers were entered. The judge was mr Kardos Vilmos from Hungary.

NordJW-05 Rancecraig Scottish Gent BOB, BIG2, CACIB, CAC, LATW-06!!

BaltJW-03 Rancecraig Clare Of The Moon BOS, CACIB, CAC, LATW-06!!

FIN&EST CH Lecibsin Mark Wellsson 2ND BEST DOG, RES-CACIB!!

Claremark Adorable Moaner 3RD BEST BITCH, JUN-CAC!!!

Tuusniemi.Show year started in Tuusniemi

18.2.2006 Our show year started wonderfully in Tuusniemi. 31 cockers were entered. Judge: mr Markku Santamäki.

Fin&Est CH, Bh Lecibsin Mark Wellsson: BOB, BIG3, BOB-VET, BIS4-VET!! The grand old man won the youngsters!!

NODJW-05 Rancecaig Scottish Gent 2ND BEST DOG CAC!!

BALTJW-03 Rancecraig Clare Of The Moon 2ND BEST BITCH, RES-CAC

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