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Monna gave birth to the first Claremark litter on the 24th of October 2004 sired by Crawford Tell Me Rumour " Rocky " ( 2X CAC )


Pictures of the puppies

Claremark Adorable Moaner "Milla"
Claremark Act A Fool "Leevi"
Claremark Another Rumour, "Eetu"
Claremark Angel Heart "Saaga"
Claremark All Moonshine "Osku"


The B-litter.B-litter

After long waiting, Monna gave birth to 3+4 blue roan pups August 19th 2006. Monna's and Muzzy's pups have now left to their new homes. Best of luck to the new family members!


Pictures of the puppies

Claremark Bachelor Bart "Figo"
Claremark Back To The Hills "Jenny"
Claremark Beloved Bonnet "Love"
Claremark Black Queen "Selma"
Claremark Blue Gentleman "Masi"
Claremark Blue Orchid "Moira"
Claremark Bossy Lady "Sanni"


Millan Pennut.D-litter

Milla's and Muzzy's 5+1 blue roan pupswere born on October 20th. Here arethe d-litters puppies Dashing Dana, Doctor Depp, Dazzled Demon, Dummy Darling, Deputy Dave ja Danny Dealer at the age of two weeks.


Claremark Dashing Dana "Dana"
Claremark Danny Dealer "Jasu"
Claremark Deputy Dave "Veeti"
Claremark Doctor Depp "Deppi"
Claremark Dazzled Demon"Temo"
Claremark Dummy Darling "Casper"


Pennut 2 viikkoa vasemmalta oikealle: Cinnamon Girl, Cheeky Carlos, Cherry Prince, Confident Kate and Clock Eater.C-litter

Monna's and Muzzy's pups, 3 boys and 2 girls, saw the day light on July 16th 2008.

Pups at 2 weeks from left to right: Cinnamon Girl, Cheeky Carlos, Cherry Prince, Confident Kate and Clock Eater.


Pictures of the puppies

Claremark Confident Kate "Maisa"
Claremark Cherry Prince"Vili"
Claremark Cinnamon Girl "Cinna"
Claremark Clock Eater "Eddy"
Claremark Cheeky Carlos "Macho"


Vasemmalta oikealle, from left to right: Easy Johnny, Evaluation Time, Elegant Ethan.E-litter

Dana's and Johnny's Mr. Big's were born 13th February 2009.

The 3 terrorists from left to right: Easy Johnny, Evaluation Time, Elegant Ethan.


Claremark Evaluation Time "Gipsy"
Claremark Elegant Ethan "Flocke"
Claremark Easy Johnny "Eetu"



Moira's pups 7 days.G-litter

Moira delivered 3+3 blue roan pups on a stormy night 5th June 2009. Llitter's proud and charming dad is C.I.B & Ru & Blr & Grand & Club Ch Alen Ashen Romantic Blue "Roma" from Russia.


Claremark Gubelin "Wanda"
Claremark Ginger Jim "Jimi"
Claremark Gaultier "Elvis"
Claremark Ghetto Gem "Roosa"
Claremark Great Romance "Vipi"
Claremark Gross Wonder "Dina"


Claremark I-litter

30th April Jenny gave birth to a lovely blue roan dog pup!


Claremark Inukshuk "Manu"





Claremark H-litter

Maisa x Aimo puppies were born on the 11th November 2010!!! A Blue roan tan girl and a blue roan dog boy.


Claremark Halo "Melinda"
Claremark House Of Fun "Kaapo"





Claremark Jungle Dance 5 weeksJ-litter

14.7.2011 Jenny gave birth to 6+1 lovely blue roan pups


Claremark Jelly Bean "Leevi"
Claremark Just For Fun "Jason"
Claremark Jungle Dance "Jazzi"
Claremark Just Friends "Phil"
Claremark Just Say Yes "Raipe"
Claremark Just Perfect "Bondi"
Claremark Joy'n Sorrow "Minni"


Claremark Knock OutK-litter

8.7.2012 Alice gave birth to 6+3 blue roan pups!


Claremark Keep Love Alive "Pipsa"
Claremark Keep It Up "Marta"
Claremark Knight of the Night "Jedi"
Claremark Key Factor "Oiva"
Claremark Karen Walker "Penny"
Claremark Knock Out "Väinö"
Claremark Kissing Machine "Nappi"
Claremark King of Kisses "Veikko"
Claremark Killer Looks "Jarvis"


Claremark Only OneO-litter

14.9.2012 Claremark Gubelin had a c-section but unfortunately 8 puppies had died in her uterus just a few moments earlier. So, there was only one survivor.


Claremark Only One "Lilo"




17.10.2013 on a magical night the M-litter was born.


Claremark Most Wanted "Nuppu"
Claremark Magical Night "Hertta"
Claremark Masterpiece "Paavo"
Claremark Magnificent "Jaku"




16.8.2014 Alice gave birth to 2+5 blue roan pups!


Claremark Nightfall "Sofi"
Claremark Northern Star "Nina"
Claremark Never Park Here "Uuno"
Claremark Never Heard "Donny"
Claremark None Sweeter "Peppi"
Claremark Named After Love "Frida"
Claremark Night Flower "Iines"


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