I have also bred Peruvian Hairless Dogs under Bulldobas-prefix. In 1992 we (me, Saga Malmberg & Pauliina Savander) imported Fin CH, FinW-94,-95 Airmail Orchid 'Inka' from USA - to my knowledge, she was the second Peruvian in Finland. Inka had 2 litters of very nice hairless & coated Peruvians, L-litter (born '94) was sired by Charmeur von Lichtenbergen and P-litter (born March'97) was sired by JWW-94 Amigo Vom Birkenzweig.

Peruvians are primitive dogs, healthy and happy to live with. They need to be trained with the softest possible way and they should never be raised in the kennels. They love people but are a bit reserved with strangers. They are very fast dogs and would love lurecoursing for example. They are hunters like Basenjis but there is one thing compared to the B's that makes life easier with them: If you train them you can always keep them free. They'd like to chase but a kindly 'Here' from you is enough. Peruvians are highly intelligent with independent nature; their respect must be earned. They are soft and quiet dogs that are very devoted to their owners and usually never leave anywhere with strangers - no matter how nice and kind the stranger is!

Bulldobas Lilli Cherokee    Fin CH, FinW-94,-95 Airmail Orchid & Bulldobas Will-O'-the Wisp

The little ladybird above is my dear Lilli; Bulldobas Lilli Cherokee when she was very tiny, about 4 weeks old... Can this puppy look like a princess when she's grown up??? Yes! Peruvian puppies are very cute but not as clean (really!!!) than Basenjis!

Here some of Inka's kids - you can find these names in pedigrees of many Top Winners around Europe & even back in States. Bulldobas Peruvians have been used for breeding at least by Gagaku's (Sweden), Charmtroll (Sweden), Soljäntans (Sweden), vom Birkenzweig (Germany), Blue Crest's (FIN) & Bay's Bushyfur (FIN) as well as kennel Wanhan Wuoren (FIN) has succesfully used grandkids in her breedingprogramme. If you have Peruvians with Bulldobas in their pedigrees, we'd love to hear from you!
    Fin S CH, NordW-95
    Bulldobas Lilli Cherokee 'Lilli' (hairless)
    export to Sweden (knl Charmtroll)

    Bulldobas Littlefeet 'Lissu' (coated)
    export to Sweden (knl Gagaku's)

    Europa Jugendsieger-95
    Bulldobas Love And Joy 'Aurel' (hairless)
    export to Germany (knl Vom Birkenzweig)

    Fin Ltv Est CH, NordW-97, WW-98
    Bulldobas Living Colour 'Julia' (hairless)
    living in Finland (knl Blue Crest's)

    Bulldobas Piece Of Luck 'Oswaldo' (hairless)
    living in Finland

    Bulldobas Piece Of Cake 'Jaco' (hairless)
    export to Denmark (owner Stine Johansen)
Even though I loved and still love Peruvians, I found it impossible to continue my breeding. The reason is that the genepool was so small, we had only handful of Peruvians at the time, and even for Inka's second litter I had to ship her to Germany to be mated. With such gentle and soft dogs like Peruvians are, I felt it was too much stress for the momma-wanna-be and I swore I'll never do that again. At that time it was not common to send fresh sperm (if it was able to be done at all) for bitches in season so you either had to import the studs or ship your bitch abroad to be mated. As I was not able to keep males at home I could not import one to stay with us and as the breed is so sensitive, I found it too risky to import one to live with someone else. So, that was the end of my beloved Peruvians.

I am happy to find Inka's name on tens and tens of pedigrees around the world and every now and then, at the shows, I meet a beautiful hairless bitch or dog who reminds me of someone :-) that I love so much ...