As the genepool has been very narrow here in Scandinavia we have felt that we have to introduce some new genes in our breedingprogramme every now and then. We have been fortunate to find some dedicated breeders to co-operate with and are more than thankful for them for sending us some lovely basenjis! We have been and are very proud of:


We are also grateful for the friends who have found Bulldobas-basenjis to be worth importing to their lives and breeding programmes: We are happy to say that we have been able to follow the lovely careers of our exports as well as their normal daily lives. Some of these remarkable basenjis have been superior showdogs as well as lovely producers for their owners let alone best friends. Some of them we have even visited during the years, enjoying to meet them and show them again and every time we have felt like princesses with the hospitality and kindness of their lovely owners. Thank you all so much for taking such a good care of our sweethearts and to stay in touch.

We are also grateful for the people who have their offspring - it is always nice to hear from you let alone to meet you!