I have always had a soft spot for Bullterriers and even co-owned one with my mom. When my dear brother started to show sudden interest in owning a dog and his choise was Amstaff, I had to say just great :-). I contacted Kaisa @ Masterbolt and we have been very pleased with our choise - both re: our dogs and our breeder.

Reino (Fin CH Masterbolt Rainbow Raider) was a first one to come and after a first schock (how to handle such a different dog from basenji?) a joy for me to show - I just did it the same way than I show my basenjis be it right or wrong :-) and noticed it was the best way with Reino at least! My brother has done lots of other more interesting things with him :-) so the showring was 'my' stuff mostly. He was slow to mature and being ideal size of the breed did not help him in the beginning :-), how ever, he finished his CH-title easily when matured and we are all so proud of him! Reino has been easy to train and a pleasure to live with - a true HeartDog!

When we went to see Rauha-litter (Masterbolt Northern Peace), I was just smitten with her. What a lovely little girl she was, with full of attitude and beautiful smooth, easy gait already. Rauha unfortunately had an accident at 1,5 yrs of age and after two big operations she's finally coming back into a showring (winter 2008/2009). She's very sweet and fun-loving girl and just perfect company for Reino.

Amstaffs are really fun but just like basenjis it's not a breed to who ever. If you wish to add one in your family, please do your homework first, about a breed and ofcourse check out the breeder/s.

Reino and Rauha are co-owned with & taken care of & trained by my brother and sister-in-law and are living happy lives in the middle of woods by the lake - a Finnish Dream should I say :-). Thank you Sami & Riikka and ofcourse Kaisa, for letting us own these lovely specimens and true friends!

To see photos of Rauha & Reino click here.

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