FI*BlackOnyx Motörhead litter
Born 9.12.2013
FI*BlackOnyx Quickstep (NFO n 22)
SC FIN*Suvipäivän Magni (NFO n 03 24)
Name Sex Colour Status
Ace of Spades Female n (black) For sale
Shine Male n 09 24 (brownspotted with white) Booked
Boogeyman Male n 09 24 (brownspotted with white) Booked
Heartbreaker Female n 24 (brownspotted) Booked
Newborn     1 week     2 weeks     3 weeks     4 weeks     5 weeks     6 weeks     7½ weeks    
8 weeks    

When you buy a kitten from FI*BlackOnyx:

The kitten:

  • Is at least 12 weeks old
  • Is registered in Suomen Kissaliitto, Fife
  • Is vaccinated
  • Is de-wormed
  • Has a veterinary health certificate
  • Is microchipped
  • Is used to being handled, have its naild trimmed, being combed etc daily routines


  • A kitten costs 750-850€
  • White cats are BAER-tested
  • The parents are FIV, FeLV and GSD IV tested and negative
  • We give you caring instructions
  • Our cats have a versatile diet, and kittens will learn from an early age to eat both commersial foods (both dry and wet) and fresh raw meat
  • We don't sell kittens only based on a mail/telephone contact, but you are welcome to visit and meet us and the cats, as long as we first agree on an date and time.

We sell:

  • To permanent, loving homes
  • Indoor cats
  • With a lifelong support. We want to be a part of the kittens development, and we will do our best to help if any problems occur

Erica Packalén
Ylämäentie 19
02760 Espoo

tel. +358 40-716 3213