Gulls in Korgalzyn reserve, Akmola area, Kazakstan

All photos and recordings are taken in 1-3 July 2005. According to the literature, gulls in this area should be called either barabensis or cachinnans (or possibly both or something in between). They differ quite clearly from Black Sea cachinnans by having darker upperparts, more yellow feet and more black and less white on wing tip.

Two examples of cachinnans-like calls:

Call 1 (63 KB)

Call 2 (157 KB)

11 photos:


(2.) No active moult in early July

(3.) This individual has black on six primaries and two mirrors.


(5.) Quite dark upperparts, dark eyes, yellow legs.

(6.) Dark on seven primaries, this bird has only one mirror.

(7.) Note that two inner primaries are fresher. Suspended summer moult or fuscus-type interrupted winter moult?

(8.) This bird has one fresher primary. The bill is suprisingly big and strong-looking.


(11.) This bird is in active moult