Chiffchaff calls

All from Noarootsi, Läänemaa, Estonia, 6 August 2005.

These are all decent recordings I got during that day. The weather was far from best possible and insect life rich, and partly because of that there is some unpleasant filtering effects in these edited recordings. "Seen" means that the recorded bird was seen so well that the identification as a Chiffchaff was visually confirmed. Although ageing in the hand would be easy because of the wing moult of adults, it is more difficult in the field conditions because both adults and young seem quite "ragged" in this time of year. Therefore I can not claim having recorded any definite juvenile calls. But most probably some of these calls are from juvenile. I did not hear any other types of Chiffchaff calls than these recorded. There is some variation in these calls, but all are still quite similar. It seems that juvenile and adult calls do not differ strongly, in this year, in this part of world, at least.

Call 1 (seen)

Call 2

Call 3 (also song, seen)

Call 4

Call 5

Call 6 (seen, this seemed to be a moulting adult)

Call 7